Why be energy efficient?

Why be energy efficient?

Energy is one of the biggest operating costs in the supply chain and logistics sector. Improving the energy efficiency of transport operations and warehouses can result in a more profitable and competitive business.

Case studies

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) website provides energy efficient solutions for Australian transport and logistics SMEs. The website includes case studies illustrating how businesses in the supply chain and logistics sector can save money through energy efficiency.

For example Keysborough Warehouse (Opens in a new window PDF 835.1 KB) in Melbourne reduced their energy bill by 40–60% by designing their new building to minimise the need for artificial light and mechanical systems.

Key resources

SCLAA has also produced factsheets and guides on energy efficiency for the supply chain and logistics sector. The factsheets provide information on topics such as road transport operations, warehousing, refrigerated stores and materials handling. The guides cover topics such as the importance of data, and identifying, evaluating, and implementing energy efficiency opportunities.

See the SCLAA website for more information on energy efficiency in the supply chain and logistics sector.

Also see the Transport pages on the EEX website for more energy efficiency opportunities, case studies and resources.