WHSQ Supply Chain Survey

The supply chain can impact on work health and safety in the transport industry, for example when drivers are working at customer sites.  Workplace Health and Safety Qld (WHSQ) is investigating how the supply chain effects manual handling and work-related stress in the road freight industry.  In the transport industry, injuries that can arise from manual handling activities account for approximately 60% of injuries with the average cost being $26,000 while work-related stress claims are the most expensive type of claim as they often involve lengthy absences from work.

This project is looking at key factors in the supply chain which create or contribute to these risks, and also the barriers, enablers and assistance that is needed to improve the management of these hazards.

Two surveys have been developed to gather industry views and experiences of these issues.  One survey is for employers/owners of road freight transport companies and the other is for drivers.  The surveys are designed to capture the different experiences and perceptions of each group.  Surveys can be completed either online or in hardcopy.  Once the survey data is collected, focus groups will be conducted to further discuss the issues that arise and how WHSQ can assist the industry.

It would be appreciated if your relevant staff and drivers could compete the survey so your experiences can be included in the project.  Surveys will remain open until 30 October.

For further information please contact Pam Knobel either on 0417 747 418 or pamela.knobel@justice.qld.gov.au

Employer survey 

Driver survey