Warehouse Manager has helped save the horticultural industry

Virulent bug threat to horticultural industry stamped out

The exotic Brown Marmorated Italian stink bug could have devastated the hortticultural industry if it hadn’t been found by a warehouse operator and then eradicated by NSW Biosecurity officers


An alert warehouse manager  has helped save the horticultural industry from a potentially devastating pest after an exotic Italian stink bug was found in electrical equipment.

After the discovery, a long control and monitoring program was launched by Biosecurity officers, and it’s now been declared the Brown Marmorated stink bug is no longer a biosecurity risk.

NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair said the bug was spotted in Glendenning late last year by warehouse manager John Matakaiongo in a shipment of imported electrical equipment from Italy.

“The quick identification and eradication of the stink bug highlights the success of NSW’s shared responsibility approach to biosecurity. Community reports of suspicious finds are the best weapon we have in the fight to protect the NSW environment, economy and community from the threat of pests and disease.”

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