WA NextDC Site Visit held on 15 March 2017

Building picThanks to our hosts at NextDC, Alana, Andrew and Adam, and to Luke and Alex from Edison for hosting an excellent visit last week. Thanks also to David Hoff at ASCI for organising the event.

It was astonishing to see the current (and projected) amount of computer hardware located in a single location and to see and hear about the construction and management features of the facility that attract customers, both high and low profile to entrust the outsourcing of key elements of their IT infrastructure to a third party provider and its partners.

nextdc-logo1Also special thanks to the large number of both members and non-members who registered for the event through the SCLAA.

We aim to provide continuing value to all members over the coming months and to attract non-members to join the association.

Brian Lynn, WA State President