VIC/TAS Logistics Solutions for Smart Cities

How good is collaboration! Last night the SCLAA held a site tour to Emporium to view their start of the delivery receipt system combined with a thought leadership events and networking drinks!

We head from some amazing speakers including David Sanders Russel Thompson Paul Landgren on the important role that supply chain has in keeping our cities sustainable!

We capped off the night with Bestrane, announcing their corporate membership with SCLAA.

A Site Visit to Remember: an hour long tour of Emporium, Melbourne’s high-end, interconnected, vertical retail environment that offers a total 188,000m² of retail, with almost 2000 retailers.  During the tour, the event’s participants witnessed Emporium’s: integrated exis ting heritage facades with new buildings and extensive glazed features from a bird’s eye view; commitment to sustainability from the 24/7 washing up hub (the 40 food outlets is serve food on crockery to reduce rubbish); and innovative awarding winning approach to receiving over 100 deliveries daily in one of the most congested and parts of the city.

…and some amazing pink vests…

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