Valē Louise Perram-Fisk

Valē Louise Perram-Fisk

On the 31st of March we lost a really strong supporter of the Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain family, in Louise Perram-Fisk.

Louise, as only Louise could do, fought hard for a number of years after being diagnosed with cancer.  In true Louise fashion, she did it all with true grit, determination, a you “won’t beat me attitude”, always with a smile on her face and ensuring that her focus was on others and not herself.

Louise became involved formally in our industry/profession some 15 years ago and her contribution was enormous.  For example:

  • She was on the National Board of the SCLAA;
  • Various committee positions on the QLD SCLAA;
  • Leader and designer of the highly successful Qld mentoring program;
  • Member of the organising committee of the Qld Supply Chain Conference;
  • Director of Industry Engagement through the Transport and Main Roads Department;
  • Leader of the Transport and Logistics Working Advisory Group (TLWAG);
  • Strong advocate and coach of Women in Transport and Logistics;
  • A passionate public speaker on all things related to the industry; and
  • Developer of the Qld SCLAA social media platform.

While the above is a formal list of her involvement, which is significant and more than most involved in the industry/profession. What really stood out was Louise’s “love of people”, empathy, warmth, strategic thinking, engaging personality and her desire to see both females and males succeed, not just in the industry but in life.  Louise was an amazing organiser, had “boundless” energy and despite how busy she was, would always find time to help, mentor, coach and “hug a tree” with anyone at any time, who needed it.

We in Queensland, as well as across the national industry/profession, were extremely fortunate and honoured, to have meet, worked beside and laughed with Louise.  She will be sorely missed by all of those whose heart she “touched” during her time with us.