TT Logistics (Australasia) Site Visit – Tuesday, 20 October 2015

TT Logistics in conjunction with the SCLAA held a successful, informative and enjoyable site tour at their Laverton North facility.  Mr Ross Jacob the General Manager, Mr Patrick Ingenegeren, the Senior Manager Business Development and Mr Gavyn Mickleson, the Logistics Analyst, displayed undeniable skill at showcasing the impressive premises and articulating the processes, capability and services that the Laverton North DC handles for both customers in the automotive and non-automotive space with precision.

The logistics centre in Melbourne is 25,059 square metres and what was clearly evident from the presentation was not only the size, but the disciplined culture epitomised by the application of Toyota Production Systems (TPS).  This was clearly demonstrated on the factory floor, where two large tour groups were given an impressive insight into the operational activity and handling processes of SME’s and multinationals around Australia and Overseas.

TTL pic1

Mr Ross Jacob held everyone’s attention and delighted the packed boardroom and on the warehouse floor with intelligence and wit.  Having an impressive background, Mr Jacob has held senior management positions at companies such as TNT and Linfox and with over 35 years experience in the industry showcased his knowledge of complex supply chains.

Apparent from the tour and commented on by members and guests was that everything was clean, each section had a specific function running on schedule and that all employees were fully engaged encompassing the Kaizan culture to achieve operational excellence. Efficiency, Safety, Housekeeping, Quality and Environment are disciplined practices continually addressed and a small snapshot of these being put into action was visualized on the tour.  With the active participation of staff and management taking responsibility for their area of expertise efficiencies result.  But it is the encouraged liaison between all stakeholders to improve the processes and company that is beneficial to all.  The group remained impressed by the seamless methods applied in practice.

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The new facility in Derrimut is another string to TTL’s bow and covers 12,000 square metres operating 24/7 with other centres throughout Australasia including Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.  Facilities in other capital cities service some of Australia’s biggest accounts such as Electrolux in Orange; another impressive facility of 11,500 square meters.  A large number of blue chip customers receive individual logistics solutions handled expertly in Inventory Management, Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Quality and Environmental Management with TPS providing efficient logistics solutions and cost savings.

A state of the art Warehouse Management System accurately also accounts for TT Logistics impressive track record.  Guaranteeing 100% inventory accuracy has brought the company the benefits of expanding its footprint, combining excellence with cross functional operations.   TPS enables projects to be productively achieved at minimal costs to the array of clientele by utilizing (JIT) Just-In-Time and 5S methods.

TT Logistics Overseas Operations include Japan, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, North America and Central & South America. Impressive in its Global Supply Chain Solutions TT Logistics will continue to service its customers by driving these processes/values and distribution practices throughout further regions of the world.

More information regarding this impressive company can be found by visiting their website  Additional information can also be found on TT Logistics/Business in Focus Magazine link

On behalf of the Supply Chain & Industry Association of Australia we would like to formally thank Mr. Ross Jacob and all the team at TT Logistics for their hospitality, providing lunch, giving up their valuable time and providing an excellent insight into what it takes to achieve global supply chain excellence.  SCLAA looks forward to collaborating with TT Logistics (Australasia) well into the future.

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