Transport Operations Do Not Need to Reduce by 33%


Transport Operations Do Not Need to Reduce by 33%

The release of a High Risk COVID Safe Plan by the Victorian Government at the weekend for businesses within the stage 4 region where heightened restrictions apply, has created a great deal of confusion and anxiety due to variances of wording between the new High Risk COVID Safe Plan and the COVID Safe Plan that businesses that are eligible to continue trading must have in place. 

While it is pleasing to talk to so many companies that are trying to do the right thing and ensure they comply with the directions, the variance in wording has made compliance difficult and open to interpretation. 

The following information has now been confirmed through Freight Victoria and through the Department of Premier and Cabinet. 

Freight operations is a permitted industry. The only business operating reductions within Transport, Postal and Warehousing relate to warehouses and distribution centres. These restrictions can be viewed at this link. Outside of the restrictions for warehouses and distribution centres, no other restrictions apply beyond operating in accordance with a COVID Safe Plan. 

The direction for reduction of the workforce in warehousing and distribution centres does NOT include transport, loading and unloading and vehicle maintenance operations. Transport fleets and vehicles can continue to operate under the demand and workload they are currently operating under and do not have to meet the direction of reduction by 33% 

Please continue to refer to the VTA Coronavirus Information Page for the latest information and updates.