Supply Chain, Warehouse & Distribution Guide to Workplace Safety 2021

Educational AR Guide Offers Support
to Freight & Warehouse Workers

Supply Chain, Warehouse & Distribution Guide
to Workplace Safety 2021

Industry Partners

Pro-Visual Publishing and their partnering industry associations have released the annual Augmented Reality (AR) interactive educational safety guide for the Supply Chain & Warehouse Industry. This free wall guide is designed to use with your phone, or other smart device, to view augmented content alongside printed text.

The digital feature of AR enhances engagement and learning of critical safety issues that those in the industry face on a daily basis. It’s easy to use so anyone can explore the AR content to supplement the printed information, whether they’re learning solo or as part of a team. It becomes a useful go-to piece over other material to address topics and standards that are updated and relevant.

By downloading the free #Pro-Vis AR app and scanning the AR icons in the topic sections, users can access additional, relevant resources such as videos, web-links, PDF files and landing pages that ‘pop-up’ in front of you in an augmented setting, providing a stimulating learning environment.
Being an industry that is exposed to traffic risks, handling of dangerous goods and fatigue due to travel and interactions with a variety of people and workplaces, the Guide offers invaluable information and tools.

Topics this year include:

  • Guidelines for employers on protecting workers from Covid-19.
  • Managing all types of warehouse traffic, including powered mobile plant.
  • Categorization and handling of dangerous goods.
  • The NHVR secure hotline for operational safety issues.

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