Site visit to RAAF base Amberley QLD on 8 May 2019

Site visit participants arrived at the entry of RAAF Amberley where they were greeted by the imposing F-111 gate guardian static display. They were met by site visit host Wing Commander George Hodgson, who transported participants to 36 Squadron who operate the large C17 transport aircraft. At 36 Squadron, a brief was received from 36 Squadron Logistics section, who explained that the C17 is supported by a global supply chain, with the aircraft able to receive/change parts almost anywhere in the world with countries that operate the C17. This ensures that the C17 is kept ready to go and can respond to a crisis quickly. After the presentation, participants were able to view a C17 up close, and had the opportunity to talk to one of the pilots who answered all questions.

The on base C17 logistics warehouse, operated by Boeing, was the next stop and highlighted all the parts required to keep these planes in the air.

SCLAA Queensland would like to thank the Air Force, in particular Wing Commander George Hodgson, 36 Squadron and Combat Support Group for the amazing site visit, where participants got to see how important logistics is in keeping these amazing aircraft flying each day.

Those who were unable to attend the RAAF base Amberley site visit this year can look forward to registering for the 2020 site visit.