As a result of their recently held Extraordinary General Meeting , the LAA has officially confirmed their wind up as an Association. While LAA members and LAA Friends will be offered continuing involvement, it will be only through apicsAU.

The SCLAA is the industry Association that supports its members and partners across the entire Supply Chain industry and the SCLAA has offered all current and life members of the LAA membership within the SCLAA. Companies listed as Friends of the LAA can become National Partners of the SCLAA and several have already done so.

The SCLAA will redouble its efforts to ensure industry development and we will oversee a stronger Industry Association supporting the Supply Chain and Logistics industry across Australia.

The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia is run by members for members and is the Australian Association for Supply Chain & Logistics Professional and Practitioners.

For information on why you should join the SCLAA please visit and to join simply click the orange button on the home page.