SCLAA Featured in International Energy Agency’s Guide for SME’s

The International Energy Agency’s has featured the SCLAA’s work with the Energy Efficiency program in its global guide for Small – Medium Businesses on saving on energy costs.

The publication highlights the challenges of working with SMEs and shares the experience and lessons learned from successful organisations and practitioners that have addressed them. It is intended to contribute to ongoing dialogue on the ways in which governments, industry associations, financial institutions and other interested stakeholders plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programmes that target energy efficiency improvement in SMEs.

The SCLAA and other Australia examples are shown on pages 60 – 66, with the SCLAA’s on page 62.

They also referenced the cases studies done with McGills Transpory and  Xtremefreight.

Details on the Energy Efficiency are on our website, plus an online tool that will calculate the savings and paybacks across warehouse and road transport, including refrigeration and materials handling.

The SCLAA thanks the Department for funding the grant and for supporting this initiative.