Attracting students to the transport and logistics industry



The I2I resources are found on the Attracting students to the transport and logistics industry page of the ‘Employment and Jobs site’ of the Queensland Government website. The resources are free for businesses to use when forming an industry-school partnership and attracting youth into the industry.

The TLI Connect team are proud to reach this milestone in collaboration with the Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Committee (TLWAC) and I2I pilot group members who have helped shape the resources and engagement model for businesses to educate students/schools that transport and logistics is a career option.

The success of the I2I pilot program in June 2015 within the Logan area has shaped the release engaging with over 800 students through tailored engagement activities such as Career Expo, Ute Day and year presentations. It is a credit to the pilot group’s commitment to see this program become a key engagement tool for businesses to engage with youth.

Please feel free to use and share the I2I resources within your business, networks and associations. The TLI Connect team will start its release promotion with industry and secondary schools across the state, so you will see more information in the coming months. If you have any questions or feedback about the program please contact the TLI Connect team on 3066 0785 or via email to