Press Release SCLAA to Drive Competitive Advantage

SCLAA to Drive Competitive Advantage

The board of the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) met over the weekend on February 25-26 in a strategic planning session designed to meet the current and future needs of members, partners and industry stakeholders.

SCLAA’s new vision launches today with the association set to Drive Competitive Advantage for the entire sector.

“Of the 2.1 million companies in Australia, almost all have a supply chain and logistics function.” said Amanda O’Brien, Chairwoman of the SCLAA.  “We will deliver a competitive advantage to all these companies by providing networking opportunities, running quality events, advancing a body of professional knowledge, enhancing career pathways, developing future leaders and encouraging diversity.”

SCLAA’s new vision includes working even closer with members and partners, providing more support and assistance to the critical state divisions and working collaboratively to add more value.

“This includes broadening our already wide reach into supply chain and logistics functions beyond our members,” added O’Brien.  The strategic direction is set to provide new opportunities for members, partners and the broader supply chain community; with a strengthening of the engagement between the SCLAA’s National office and the State Divisions.

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