OH&S Management Systems Press Release

SCLAA (WA) Event Report – OH&S Management Systems, Standards and Key Lessons Learned – AHG 12th September 2013

AS4801 is an acronym that is frequently quoted in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry, often without an understanding of what the term really means.

In a Breakfast Meeting on 12th September, Paul Myer, AHG’s National Manager Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental from AMCAP sought to demystify OH&S terminology and to explain with references to his experiences with his current employer how to implement a practical and effective OH&S system in the Supply Chain industry.

A healthy turnout of SCLAA members and non-members enjoyed a light breakfast and listened to Paul’s experiences of introducing a new OH&S program in a multi-national organisation with several operationally diverse business units.

Paul related how witnessing a workplace fatality gave him the resolve to build a career in safety. He went on to explain that AS4801 is actually an audit tool used to validate compliance with AS4804 Standards. He continued by emphasising the importance of standardisation of safe working practices across the business, including branding them under a common banner.

Paul Presenting_336

Having provided an insight into some of the challenges he and AHG faced in the program’s implementation, Paul presented two statistics to highlight its success.

LTIs at AHG stand at a frequency of 5.8 per million hours worked; well below the Worksafe benchmark figure of 8.

AHG’s workers’ compensation payments are a very small percentage of total wages.

All in all, Paul’s presentation was a concisely delivered package of personal experiences of initiatives that were relevant to the workplaces of all of those present.

Coupled with the light refreshments laid on by the State Tennis Centre and the opportunity to network with fellow professionals, the meeting proved a couple of hours well spent for all present.

Stanley Fan, Paul Myers and Peter Hollins_400