Introducing the SCLAA’s New National Partner – Gallagher

New SCLAA National Partner – Gallagher


The SCLAA welcomes our newest National Partner, Gallagher. As a not for profit Industry Association, run by members for members, our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.

Gallagher Overview

Insurance isn’t always front of mind for business owners, but having the right type and right level of cover in the event of a claim could make the difference between staying in business, and closing your doors for good.

That’s where Gallagher can help. We’re one of Australia’s – and the world’s – largest insurance broking and risk management companies with more than 125,000 clients in Australia alone, including hundreds in the logistics sector.

Our relationships with leading national and international insurers means we can manage insurance programs for SCLAA member business of all sizes, with our expertise including:-

  • Motor vehicle and fleet
  • Public liability
  • Marine transit
  • Management liability
  • Cyber liability
  • CTP
  • Trade credit
  • Workers compensation
  • And much more…

Insurance can be complex and it’s easy for business owners to undervalue their assets or not fully appreciate all the risks they face. Gallagher can help you with this through our no-obligation, complimentary insurance review, making sure your business has the cover you need to protect you from the unique risks your business faces.

It won’t take long, but will be well worth the time for the peace of mind it will provide to both you and your business.

How to take up the offer

You can request an insurance review, at a time that suits you, online in moments here. You can also request information on any of our insurance products or services from that page.

Alternatively for an informal discussion contact Gallagher’s Brendon Kropp on 0408 550 542 or email

Silk Contract Logistics Partners with One Network







Silk Contract Logistics Partners with One Network
to Create Virtual Distribution Network in Australia

Real-time cloud-based platform offers enhanced services and delivers savings to Silk and its customers

Silk Contract Logistics (Silk), one of the fastest growing third party logistics providers in Australia, today announced that they have partnered with One Network Enterprises (ONE) in order to create a virtual retail network for Australia. Silk will be ONE’s primary go to market partner in Australia. Silk will use One Network’s Real Time Value Network™ to provide a single network for customers and carriers with a single version of the truth for all parties, enhancing visibility and collaboration across the supply chain.

With the Real Time Value Network, Silk will be able to provide customers with end-to-end Control Tower visibility through information management services on the network. The network uses real-time data and a single version of the truth, so information is more accurate and timely, and is easily shared.

With One Network’s Intelligent Logistics solution (TMS), Silk will be able to better manage the transportation demands of its customers. Silk will also be able to offer to customers enhanced and integrated services that are available on the network, such as Order and Replenishment Management.

“With the visibility that One Network’s Control Tower capability provides, we will be able to better anticipate issues and resolve them in real-time,” says SILK’s Managing Director, Brendan Boyd.

With One Network’s Studio and Software Developers Kit, Silk will have the flexibility to adapt existing modules to their needs and to create new functional modules. The platform also includes Intelligent Agents which optimize, make and execute decisions, so that the supply chain network is coordinated to better serve demand at the lowest available cost.

Chris Edwards, One Network Enterprises’ Vice President of Asia Pacific said, “We are excited to be partnering with Silk, a leading 3PL in Australia and a company that understands the importance of being customer-driven. Silk will be bringing a platform of powerful solutions and building an ecosystem of trading partners in Australia. With full visibility and integrated real-time solutions, Silk will be able to deliver complete visibility and higher service to customers.”

About Silk Logistics

Silk Contract Logistics prides itself on a customer-centric focus that is nimble, agile and personalised to your business goals. Across Australia, Silk has become one of the emerging stars of the third-party logistics sector, helping customers access new opportunities through the application of tier one technologies such as One Network.

Learn more at

About One Network Enterprises

One Network is the Intelligent Business Platform. One Network is a multi-party digital platform solution powered by AI and Blockchain that delivers rapid results at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. One Network offers modular, adaptable solutions for multi-party business; and helps companies realize value and run more efficiently, with less waste. One Network’s cloud platform, the Real Time Value

Network™, uses intelligent agents that predict consumer demand, optimize and operate your supply chain at near-theoretical limits. Additionally, One Network offers a PaaS solution and developer tools that allow organizations to design, build and run multi-party applications. Leading global organizations have joined One Network, helping to transform industries like Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Logistics, Public Sector and Defense. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in Japan, Europe, and India. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts
Chris Edwards One Network
Mobile + 61 (0)401 990 435


‘The Great Debate’: Hunting the White Elephant in the Room

‘The Great Debate’: Hunting the White Elephant in the Room

SCLAA 3rd Annual Women in Logistics Luncheon 2018

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On a sunny August afternoon in the Southeast Suburbs of Melbourne, there was a gathering of professionals ready to meet, greet, eat and…. well, debate.  The single goal of the afternoon:  to hunt down and expose the ‘white elephant’ in the room.

The SCLAA held our third annual Women in Logistics Luncheon and what an afternoon it was.

Amanda O’Brien, Chairman of the SCLAA opened the event as a “call to action”, while Jodie Broadbent, key note speaker, spoke of her beginnings as a traditional family transport operator who quickly rose to the top of the Australian Transport Industry at the highest levels in Canberra.

With the serving of the entrée, the exciting part of the afternoon began.  Erica Gilcrist, Director – SCLAA, led a panel discussion between industry experts ranging from freight forwarding, L&D and I.T., to recruitment, fertilizer and automotive.  The group was a representative mix of both men and women from three generations of the Australian workforce.

The opening topic addressing the average pay disparity between female and male Australian workers created quite a stir in the room lasting well into the Main Course.  The second topic covering parental leave created an even bigger discussion with many audience participants sharing not only their opinions, but their own experiences.  Dessert was hailed in with the third and final topic addressing the Supply Chain, Logistics and IT industries as traditionally male-dominated and potentially discouraging to women overall.

The day was brought to a wrap with the facilitation of a lively auction conducted by Simone Curley of Love & Co, with the $3,000 raised being donated to ‘Buy a Bale’ in support drought stricken Australian Farmers.

All up, it was a truly unique and engaging afternoon, and a real testament to the commitment of today’s professionals working to level the playing field for everybody in the Australian Workforce.

Extra special thanks to our Sponsors, LMA, Australian Trusted Trader and Employsure, Members, Guests and Panelists for making this year’s event a truly informative, interactive and enlightening day to remember!

SCLAA Women in Logistics Luncheon – Photographs


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SCLAA supports Australian Farmers

At the upcoming SCLAA Women in Logistics Luncheon on Friday, 3 August in Melbourne, a live auction of 7 night’s accommodation for 10 in a private, luxury beach house in Vanuatu will be held. Proceeds from this auction will be donated to ‘Buy a Bale’ in support of Australian Farmers. The extensive and severe drought has had a devastating effect on our farmers and as fellow Australians we need to do all we can to support them at this time.

If anyone not attending the event on Friday, 3 August is in a position to contribute to the support of Australian Farmers, please go to the ‘Rural Aid’ website

Dr. John Gattorna to Receive CSCMP’s Distinguished Service Award

Dr. John Gattorna, author, academic and principal of a Sydney-based specialist advisory business, Gattorna Alignment, will receive the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ (CSCMP) 2018 Distinguished Service Award. He will be presented with the award during the Opening General Session at CSCMP’s Annual EDGE Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on October 1, 2018.

CSCMP’s Distinguished Service Award is the industry’s most prestigious honor, bestowed upon an individual for significant achievements in the logistics and supply chain management industry. Presented annually, the award was instituted in 1965 as a tribute to logistics pioneer John Drury Sheahan.

“John has been a pioneer in how to take supply chain from a cost function to a business imperative. His body of work takes the supply chain professionfrom the factory and distribution center floors to the board rooms as a strategic advantage for companies. The dynamic alignment work has taught our companies how to move from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ supply chain to a tailored and segmented approach that is rooted in science and the voice of the customer,” Annette Clayton, CEO & President Schneider Electric NAM & Group CSCO.

For over three decades, Dr. Gattorna has been working with major blue chip corporations around the world to take his new model from the conceptual stage to a finer level of granularity; companies such as Dell; Ralph Lauren; Unilever; Teys Australia; Schneider Electric and DHL. Apart from researching, consulting and teaching, Dr. Gattorna likes to share his best thinking with peers and business associates around the world.

Currently, Dr. Gattorna continues to inspire future supply chain leaders on the ‘fast clock-speed’ capabilities that organizations need to develop for the volatile and rapidly changing business environments they face. His contributions also extend to support of diabetes charities for most of his career, in recent years as a business and supply chain adviser to the Life for a Child charity which supplies diabetes medication to children with Type 1 diabetes in developing countries.

Please join us for CSCMP’s Annual EDGE Conference on October 1, 2018 as we honor Dr. John Gattorna with supply chain’s highest honor.

CSCMP’s Annual EDGE Conference is the largest of its kind for supply chain management industry, and is the only event representing the entire supply chain from end-to-end. This year’s event will feature over 25 hours of networking, over 30 hours of educational content, over 160 exhibitors in a span of just three and a half days.

For more information on the Annual EDGE Conference, or to register, visit: EDGE Conference


About CSCMP  

Since 1963, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has been the leading worldwide professional association dedicated to education, research, and the advancement of the supply chain management profession. With more than 8,500 members globally, representing business, government, and academia from 65 countries, CSCMP members are the leading practitioners and authorities in the fields of logistics and supply chain management. To learn more, visit CSCMP on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

For more information, contact:

Nichole Mumford
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)
333 East Butterfield Road, Suite 140
Lombard, Illinois 60148-5617 USA

SCLAA June 2018 Newsletter

The SCLAA June 2018 Newsletter is now available.

 For all the latest SCLAA news, events and information, click here…

QLD Trivia and Networking Night


Great to catch up with the Qld Committee and members last Tuesday night @ the Glen Hotel, Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane.

The evening started with our Committee meeting and finished with members joining us afterwards for a night of Pub Trivia.  Let’s just say the second half of the quiz left both SCLAA teams …….  challenged – when does the Periodic Table enter a pub conversation??

Great night to have a chat, a drink and a bit of fun. Will definitely be on the event program again before the year is out. 

Thanks for the organisers for another great event.

R2D2 and Wall-E join the Bell Bay Aluminium Team as outdoor Dematic AGVS

Dematic, a leading global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimise the supply chain, has successfully installed Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) designed specifically for outdoor 24/7 weather use, at aluminium smelter, Bell Bay Aluminium.

Located in Southern Tasmania, Bell Bay Aluminium produces around 190,000 tonnes of aluminium each year. The company previously faced numerous challenges around hiring workers for a 24-hour shift in its outdoor yard, due to the impact of variable and harsh weather conditions on workers.

“Previously Bell Bay Aluminium required four forklift drivers, one on each 12-hour shift to transport the bundles of ingots to the warehouse, as the aluminium smelter is a 24/7 operation,” said Tim Clark, Specialist Engineer Process Control Systems at Bell Bay Aluminium.

“This is a very repetitive task with over 114 trips per day, exposing the operators at times to some rather harsh weather conditions in the outdoor warehouse.”

The challenge for Bell Bay Aluminium was to implement something that would eliminate the need for this repetitive task that adds no value to the business but is a necessity. So Bell Bay Aluminium looked for a solution in AGVs and to Dematic due to their willingness to work closely on the ground to adapt its AGV solution to the unique needs of the company. The AGVs needed to be adapted to an outdoor and all weather environment.

“With Bell Bay Aluminium, we had to take into account environmental and product challenges, due to outdoor all weather use and the transport of heavy aluminum product,” said Thomas Wilson, Business Development Manager, Dematic. “We worked closely with Bell Bay Aluminiu


m to modify their AGVs so they were fit for purpose. This included using wheels appropriate for outdoor conditions, rather than castor wheels that are designed for the flat surface warehouse floor. We also increased the capacity of the AGVs so they could lift and transport up to 4.5 tonnes if required.”

Bell Bay Aluminium’s AGVs, which have now been in use for over a year, carry stacks of 80 aluminium ingots which are produced at a rate of 15ingots/minute, providing a stack every 5 to 6 minutes. The AGVs make a 500 metre return trip to the outside yard where the ingots are stacked on the ground two high in groups of 48. Each stack is held together with a plastic strap which can break, so the AGVs are programmed to complete an automated visual safety check before picking up and unloading the stack. The use of AGVs instead of human operated forklifts has increased safety at Bell Bay Aluminium, by reducing the amount of time workers are near heavy aluminium ingots, and sensors on the AGVs ensure they can safely operate around workers and other vehicles.

“AGVs have helped Bell Bay Aluminium to achieve labour efficiencies as well as improved safety for our workers,” added Tim. “Our staff are really supportive of our decision to use AGVs for these repetitive tasks, were involved in having the AGVs wrapped as R2D2 and Wall-E characters and are looking at further opportunities where AGVs could be used to eliminate repetitive tasks.”

This is the first time Dematic as a global company has worked with a customer to adapt its AGVs for outdoor all weather use and Bell Bay Aluminium uses it as a show piece which has caught the interest of other businesses as far off as Iceland.


Further information: Dematic Pty Limited, 24 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085, Australia. Tel: +61 2 9486 5555. Fax: +61 2 9486 5511. 



 About Dematic

 Dematic is a leading supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimise the supply chain. Dematic employs over 6,000 skilled logistics professionals to serve its customers globally, with engineering centres and manufacturing facilities located across the globe. Dematic has implemented more than 4,500 integrated systems for a customer base that includes small, medium and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Dematic is a member of KION Group, a global leader in industrial trucks, related services, and supply chain solutions. Across more than 100 countries worldwide, the KION Group designs, builds and supports logistics solutions that optimise material and information flow within factories, warehouses and distribution centres. The company is the largest manufacturer of industrial trucks in Europe, the second-largest producer of forklifts globally, and a leading provider of warehouse automation. For more information:

“Colby” and the “Colby Chevron mark” are registered trademarks of Dematic Pty Ltd

About Bell Bay Aluminium

Opened in 1955 and located in Southern Tasmania, Bell Bay Aluminium was the first smelter built in the Southern Hemisphere. It began as a joint venture of the Tasmanian and Australian Governments, primarily to overcome the difficulties of importing aluminium during wartime. Bell Bay Aluminium’s smelter now produces around 190,000 tonnes of aluminium per year and operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With a commitment to continuous improvement, sustainable development is integrated into every aspect of the business. For more information, please visit


2018 Tax Time Toolkit (Transport and Logistics)

What deductions can you claim at tax time?

According to a recent survey conducted by the ATO, one in five Australians are not confident that they have the knowledge and information required to accurately lodge their tax return.

That is why the ATO has created a series of Tax Time Toolkits, with practical and tailored information to help Australians prepare and lodge their tax return this year.

Each toolkit has been designed to help Australians in areas where the ATO knows taxpayers are at risk of making a mistake when they’re preparing and lodging their tax return.

Download your copy of the Tax Time Toolkit (Transport & Logistics)