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WA: Notice of the 2015 SCLAA WA General Meeting


The General Meeting of the
Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia Ltd – WA
will take place at State Tennis Centre, Victoria Park Drive, Burswood
at 5.30pm on Thursday, 3 December 2015.




                 1.            Apologies

                 2.            Chairman’s Report

                 3.            Presentation & Adoption of Financial Reports and Chairman’s Report 

                 4.            Proxy Votes

                 5.            Election of all Committee Members

                 6.            Election of the State President

                 7.            Election of the WA representative to the National Board

                 8.            Other Business

To tender your apologies, please click here, type “Apology WA” in the subject line and send. 

Download a Nomination Form     Download a Proxy Form


Introducing SCLAA’s New National Partner – Dematic

The SCLAA is a non for profit Industry Association, run by members for members. Our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners, one of which we newly welcome is Dematic. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.

Dematic 350px

Dematic is aglobal leader in supply chain management solutions. We provide advanced automated logistics and materials handling solutions, engineering, installation and software to optimise your operation.

We work with our customers to develop logistics solutions using consulting methods, system simulation, comprehensive system design, local engineering, manufacturing, project management and 24/7 service and support.

Dematic has a worldwide knowledge network consisting of almost 5,000 associates in 24 countries. It employs close to 500 people in ANZ/ASEAN, with around 400 based at the regional head office in Sydney, and has a strong and growing presence throughout the region.

Dematic’s solution portfolio is designed to meet the demands of an ever-changing logistics and supply chain landscape. Our successful track record is evident in more than 10,000 integrated systems for a customer base that includes small, medium, and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors.

In addition to integrated logistics systems, our Real Time Logistics group delivers proven logistics IT solutions designed to optimise distribution efficiency, accuracy, safety and productivity. Dematic is also a market leader in the provision of basic warehousing and storage systems through its national network of independently owned and operated distributors, Colby Storage Solutions.

Dematic offers its customers:

  • A unique combination of local knowledge and global expertise
  • Access to the world’s most comprehensive bank of project management, design, application and systems engineering resources
  • Innovative solutions that provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective performance
  • Ongoing service and support to ensure exceptional lifecycle value
  • Greater security and reliability through single source responsibility

Local and international experts work closely with customers to identify problems and opportunities, and advise them on the most effective solutions to lower costs and improve:

  • Productivity
  • Throughput
  • Order turnaround
  • Inventory management
  • Safety
  • System accountability
  • Customer service levels

Dematic launches new solutions for eCommerce order fulfilment in Australia and New Zealand

SYDNEY, NSW – Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution centre, has launched new automated technology and software solutions for eCommerce order fulfilment and retail store replenishment in Australia and New Zealand.

The new systems include batch pick-to-sorter for apparel eCommerce fulfilment and automated storage with goods-to-person (GTP) workstations for apparel omni-channel distribution.

The batch pick-to-sorter is a large volume piece picking solution that is well suited for a wide variety of order profiles and automated storage with GTP workstations is an efficient solution for high density storage of apparel items that feed order picking workstations.

Dematic has also launched a high performance apparel store replenishment solution – light-directed put-to-store – for operations with a large number of SKUs and low to high order volume.

“Dematic ensures that every new solution includes Dematic iQ performance optimising software that constantly runs in the background to help management evaluate operations and resource allocation,” said Pas Tomasiello, Director Integrated Systems, Dematic. “This allows management to make adjustments and prioritise workflows in order to increase productivity, reduce labour needs and ultimately help a business’ bottom line.

“Increased visibility of operations helps apparel businesses to meet the demands of the omni-channel shopper for swift delivery of their purchases.”

Dematic’s new solutions address the common issues associated with omni-channel retailing such as order fulfilment costs, margin pressure, SKU proliferation, order processing accuracy and inventory visibility.

The actual system configurations are based on business volume, geographic constraints and logistics philosophy.

For more information about Dematic, visit or contact Carole McCormick at or +61 2 9486 5463.


NSW: CBD Freight and Servicing update: new Sydney CBD tow away area to keep traffic moving

From October 4 all vehicles parked illegally in no parking, no stopping or bus zones in the Sydney CBD will be towed away. There is more information including a map and set of frequently asked questions here – .

Please remember to check the signs before you leave your vehicle as what used to be a loading zone may have changed to another use as part of the preparation for the new bus routes. Also  be careful about getting back to your vehicle on time if you are parked in a loading zone that changes to a no stopping, no parking or bus lane at some time of the day.

A reminder that you can go online to  find out where loading zones and parking stations are located – .

WHSQ Supply Chain Survey

The supply chain can impact on work health and safety in the transport industry, for example when drivers are working at customer sites.  Workplace Health and Safety Qld (WHSQ) is investigating how the supply chain effects manual handling and work-related stress in the road freight industry.  In the transport industry, injuries that can arise from manual handling activities account for approximately 60% of injuries with the average cost being $26,000 while work-related stress claims are the most expensive type of claim as they often involve lengthy absences from work.

This project is looking at key factors in the supply chain which create or contribute to these risks, and also the barriers, enablers and assistance that is needed to improve the management of these hazards.

Two surveys have been developed to gather industry views and experiences of these issues.  One survey is for employers/owners of road freight transport companies and the other is for drivers.  The surveys are designed to capture the different experiences and perceptions of each group.  Surveys can be completed either online or in hardcopy.  Once the survey data is collected, focus groups will be conducted to further discuss the issues that arise and how WHSQ can assist the industry.

It would be appreciated if your relevant staff and drivers could compete the survey so your experiences can be included in the project.  Surveys will remain open until 30 October.

For further information please contact Pam Knobel either on 0417 747 418 or

Employer survey

Driver survey


2016 International SCM Symposium


Submit your practitioner or academic papers now for the 2016 International Supply Chain Management Symposium

A Call for Papers has been issued for the 2016 International Supply Chain Management Symposium, June 14-15, 2016, in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This event brings leading SCM academics and practitioners together to discuss cutting-edge research and challenges currently facing professionals in the field.

This two-day event will also include presentations of peer-reviewed academic papers, practitioner presentations, keynote addresses by leaders in the field, concurrent sessions on the latest in SCM research and a panel discussion by experts in the field.

Papers will be published in the Symposium Proceedings and made available in the SCMA Members’ Resource Centre.

Don’t miss this unique event that over the years has welcomed academics and practitioners from every continent, (with the exception of Antarctica!).

Introducing SCLAA’s New National Partner – Blackbay Ltd

The SCLAA is a non for profit Industry Association, run by members for members. Our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners, one of which we newly welcome is Blackbay Ltd. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can. 

Blackbay is the leading provider of mobility enabled solutions for the Transport and Logistics Industry. The Company’s configurable end-to-end solutions ensure first time, on time, every time delivery by connecting the shipper, operations, management, the driver and crucially the customer with real-time data and automated workflows to create smarter Delivery Companies.

Blackbay’s solutions deliver real-time track-and-trace, dispatching, on-the-road processes routing and scheduling capabilities to enable operations, drivers and other mobile workers to optimize the delivery process, streamline operations, improve compliance, increase revenue and enhance the overall customer experience.

Blackbay is at the forefront of innovation in the Transport and Logistics sector, as evidenced by the results it has achieved with its customers. Blackbay has been providing highly scalable and configurable solutions for over 9 years to customers across the globe. Blackbay solutions are developed by logistics industry experts to address the complex needs of the industry.

Currently Blackbay solutions support more than 6 million deliveries daily, over 8 billion transactions annually and more than 145,000 users. As a result the company has established proprietary workflows and domain expertise around the ‘last-mile’ of the supply chain, which is widely recognized as the most complex and challenging aspect of the industry.

Utilizing the company’s flagship product, Delivery Connect, Blackbay’s customers have achieved significant efficiency and service level improvements, which drive a quick and meaningful ROI.




Tuesday, 20 October 2015 at 8.30am

The Annual General Meeting of the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia Ltd – NSW, will take place at Charlie Lovett Café, corner of Albany Street and Willoughby Road, CROWSNEST at 8.30am on Tuesday, 20 October 2015. (Breakfast will be provided. Free 2hr parking in Council carpark – enter via Pole Lane.)


                     1.       Apologies

                     2.       Chairman’s Report

                     3.       Presentation & Adoption of Financial Reports and Chairman’s Report 

                     4.       Proxy Votes

                     5.       Election of all Committee Members

                     6.       Election of the State President

                     7.       Election of the NSW representative to the National Board

                     8.       Other Business

To confirm attendance, please click here, type “Attend” in the subject line and send.

To tender your apologies, please click here, type “Apology” in the subject line and send. 


Download a Nomination Form                   Download a Proxy Form


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