KION to buy Dematic for USD 3.25b

KION GROUP AG, already one of the two largest suppliers of forklift trucks, warehouse equipment and related services with Linde and Baoli, amongst others, will become one of the largest global providers of intelligent intralogistics by acquiring Dematic, an automation provider and specialist in supply chain optimisation.

Dematic pic

Melbourne Parcel Facility Tour Wrap Up

Aus Post SV picThis week, SCLAA members received an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Australia Post’s Melbourne Parcel Facility, a highly automated DC which recently underwent a major overhaul extension and modernisation as part of a $2B network investment program in 2014.

The facility, now significantly larger than the playing surface of the MCG, is dominated by various conveyor belts and automated sorting machines intertwined in what might appear to an outsider as a chaotic web, but is a highly efficient system with over 25,000 parcels constantly whizzing by and changing lanes each hour, for up to 24hours a day.

The Netherland’s produced system utilises moving scales, automated truck loading systems (not dissimilar in appearance to a horizontal cherry picker) and six-sided barcode scanners, backed up by offsite employees with remote access into package reading cameras. This well-oiled machine has increased Australia Post’s Melbourne Parcel Facility throughput by almost three times.

Aside from efficiency, the focus of Australia Post on safety was prominent, with stringent PPE requirements, vehicle separation and overhead gantries in place, in addition to numerous automated shutdown sensors to eliminate the risk of any potential hazards to employees.

The event was an insightful experience providing a mixture of members the opportunity to meet and witness a black & white picture of the direction of future supply chains. If you missed out, we hope to see you at the next event!

Special thanks to Marylou and Patrick from Australia Post for hosting the event.

Charles Edwards, SCLAA Committee


QUT Transfutures 2016

16-05-27 Transfutures flyer

Download a copy of the above flyer



WA: Fremantle Ports Site Visit

Congratulations and thanks  to Michael Pal and Freo Ports for hosting an excellent afternoon visit to the port area and follow up presentation. Michael’s boundless enthusiasm made an already interesting visit fascinating.

Freo Ports SV pic s

Industrial Clearance is now LIVE!

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CEO Viewpoint 2016: The Journey to Profitable Omni-Channel Commerce

White paper - H



PwC survey finds that retailers who have removed the silos from omni-channel operations are achieving significant competitive advantage.

In the latest annual survey of retail and consumer goods CEOs conducted by PwC on behalf of JDA Software, only 18 percent of executives say they have eliminated operational silos and are delivering seamless omni-channel shopping experiences for their customers. These companies expressed greater confidence in future revenue and profit growth than their peers, while achieving significant competitive advantage though lower costs and increased investments in customer-centric services.

To download a copy of this white paper, click here.

ALC Promotes Supply Chain Efficiency and Safety with Two New Publications

ALC Promotes Supply Chain Efficiency and Safety with Two New Publications –
Future Freight Networks and Getting the Supply Chain Right


ALC pic 1Future Freight Networks and Getting the Supply Chain Right are two new publications by ALC that continue our aim of promoting efficiency and safety in Australia’s supply chains.

Future Freight Networks is our official yearbook for 2016 which details our advocacy efforts throughout the year, the policy positions we took to government, and the major events we held to support our policy agenda.  A feature of Future Freight Networks is a comprehensive summary of ALC Forum 2016, which brought together 250 key industry leaders, policy makers and stakeholders at Royal Randwick to debate and discuss the critical and significant infrastructure policy issues on the national agenda.  The publication also includes many editorials, advertisements and interviews from a range of supply chain industry participants.  I thank those companies for their contribution to the yearbook which illustrates the enormous breadth and depth of our industry.

The outcomes from ALC Forum 2016 are reflected in Getting the Supply Chain Right, the Australian Logistics Council’s 2016 Election Priorities Document.


ALC pic 2Getting the Supply Chain Right encourages the next Government to act on six critical areas to improve the efficiency and safety of the logistics industry. These six priority areas include recommendations relating to road, rail, planning, road safety, technology and government structures.  ALC will continue to work with all major parties following the July 2 election to progress these reforms and investments, with the aim of improving the efficiency and safety of our national supply chains.   A shortened summary of Getting the Supply Chain Right is also available for download.

I invite you to share these documents with your stakeholders to help broaden ALC’s message to governments at all levels that they need to prioritise our industry in their investment and policy decisions in order to maximise the economic and social benefits of a safe and efficient logistics industry.

Please contact me should you wish to obtain a hard copy of Future Freight Networks and Getting the Supply Chain Right.

Michael Kilgariff
ALC Managing Director


56th Annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards – Call for Submissions

56th Annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards – Call for Submissions

The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) is pleased to announce that the 2016 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics (ASCL) Awards will be held on Wednesday, 23 November in The Grand Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney.

These historic and prestigious National Awards, presented by the SCLAA, have been running for fifty six years making them the most sought after, recognised and influential awards across the Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport industries.

Download a copy of the ASCL Award Criteria


56th Annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Award Categories

Industry Excellence Award
Future Leaders Award
Supply Chain Management Award
Training, Education & Development Award
Information Technology and Management Award
Environmental Excellence Award

ASCLA - pic

Introducing SCLAA’s New National Partner – Industrial Clearance

The SCLAA is a not-for-profit Industry Association, run by members for members. Our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners, one of which we newly welcome is Industrial Clearance. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.


Industrial Clearance logo - 300px is a platform for buying and selling clearance stock at clearance prices. Industrial Clearance is here to help you sell your excess or slow moving stock.

Through our online portal you can easily list your products to sell, with full control over your pricing, easy to use and low commissions it’s the logical choice for your business. Clear overstocked or obsolete products that maybe taking up precious warehouse space and costing you money.

By connecting you directly to new audiences we can help develop an additional revenue stream for your business. As the name says it is a platform for buying and selling clearance stock at clearance pricing, possibly at, or even below cost.

On the buyer side, anyone who is looking to purchase industrial products of any description can create an account and if the required product is not currently available an automated email will be sent when that product is listed on the site.

We’ll take your online business further – we have a digital marketing strategy that will be extremely aggressive within the market place. It’s primarily based on driving highly qualified buyers through Google Adwords and SEO.

As the platform grows, our database grows and there will be a huge focus on retention marketing and identifying customer segment by product variations and behaviour. This aggressive digital marketing strategy will be able to cater to all niches.

As long as your products are on our website, we will be advertising to anyone pro-actively searching for your excess stock. What do you have to lose?

Business Consultation Notification – Enforcement approaches for speeding heavy vehicles

Speeding Heavy Vehicles - H1

A new public consultation was recently submitted to the Business Consultation website.

You can access the details of the consultation by clicking on the link below.

Enforcement Approaches for Speeding Heavy Vehicles

You are invited to comment on the report that assesses two proposals to complement the existing regulatory measures and provide an additional deterrent to heavy vehicle speeding under the Heavy Vehicle National Law: an evidentiary provision that deems a speed limiter noncompliant if a vehicle is detected travelling at or above 115 km/h and/or a power to immediately ground heavy vehicles travelling 15 km/h or more over posted or default speed limit. 

Comments due:  24 June 2016