New SCLAA National Partner – Logistics Bureau

As you are aware the SCLAA is a not for profit Industry Association, run by members for members. Our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners, one of which we newly welcome is the Logistics Bureau. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.

We help busy and frustrated Senior Executives boost their Supply Chain and Logistics performance in terms of cost and service. 

We do this with a focus on management consulting, benchmarking and education services.

Often it’s a question of just not having the time, the right resources, or specific experience to get traction on a really important business initiative.  That’s where Logistics Bureau adds value on all three counts…

Logistics Bureau is a leading privately owned specialist management consulting company focused on the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. Yes, we’ve been helping our clients since before the term Supply Chain was even in common use!

Logistics Bureau was established in 1997, and over the years has grown into a group of complimentary services, focused on Supply Chain and Logistics consulting, education and benchmarking. Rob O’Byrne is the Founder and Owner of the Logistics Bureau Group.

The Logistics Bureau Group first expanded outside Australia in 2000, opening offices in Bangkok, Thailand. Since that time, operations have now spread to Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Our core focus on helping businesses and individuals improve performance through these core services:

Management Consulting:

Management Education:

Industry Education:

Performance Benchmarking:

We are very pleased to become a National Partner with the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) and along with the existing National Partners look forward to adding value to SCLAA members and our industry.