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RMIT University has rich history of being a pioneering educator in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain management.  The University was responsible for the inception of formal logistics education by introducing a transport logistic undergraduate degree in 1976.  The field has a 40 year history of successful research and education and is now in a period of considerable growth and has also attracted large and growing numbers of PhD candidates.

RMIT is a global University of Technology and Design focussed on creating solutions that transform the future for the benefit of people and their environments. With its principal campus in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, RMIT University has an increasing international presence with campuses in Vietnam and Barcelona, and strategic partnerships in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The School of Business IT and Logistics is the largest provider of Business IT and Supply Chain Management programs in Australia; with programs at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level. This is complemented by a vibrant research agenda, with over 90 Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students.  It is a truly international school, with programs in Melbourne, Vietnam, Shanghai, Singapore, and online.  The School is dedicated to industry connection and placements, and has close partnerships with industry and professional associations.  The School is responsible for the delivery of the logistics and supply chain degrees and currently offers a range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs including:

●     Bachelor of Business (Honours) BH064

●     Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) BP255

●     Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) (Applied) BP143

●     Bachelor of Business (Information Systems) BP308

●     Bachelor of Business (Information Systems) (Applied) BP138

●     Graduate Certificate in Strategic Procurement GC149

●     Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management GC055

●     Graduate Certificate in Business Information Technology GC099

●     Graduate Certificate in Information Management GC098

●     Graduate Certificate in Commerce GC104

●     Master of Strategic Procurement MC195

●     Masters of Supply Chain and Logistics Management MC198

●     Masters of Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Online)

●     Master of Information Management MC196

●     Masters of Information Management MC200

●     Masters of Commerce MC205

●     Masters of Business (Supply Chain and Logistics) (By Research) MR202

●     Master of Business (Business Information Systems) (By Research) MR201

●     PhD (Supply Chain and Logistics) DR202

●     PhD (Business Information Systems) DR201

The School’s undergraduate degrees boast a yearly intake of more than 400 students across its Melbourne, Singapore, Vietnam and Shanghai programs.  And its postgraduate degrees are an internationally respected qualification, producing high profile alumni currently working across a wide spectrum of industries. All programs offered are fully accredited by relevant professional bodies, including the ACS, CILTA, CIPSA, ALIA and RIMPA.

A major strength of the School is its active engagement with industry, which is included in nearly all School activities. These range from participation in classes with students, to the industry Co-operative year experiences provided in the 4-year under-graduate degree, through to active participation in research. A crucial aspect of the School’s engagement with industry is its deep and positive relationships with the industry bodies responsible for accrediting the range of professional programs that it runs. The School also has a very strong industry advisory committee which provides strategic direction to the development of curriculum for all its programs.