Ask Yourself…

●     Does business growth mean “throwing more people at the problem”?

●     Do new customers leave you drowning in a flood of emails and spreadsheets?

●     Are pickers wasting their day searching for the right items to pick?

●     Do you wonder how work is getting done, and what exactly that means to your bottom line?

●     Has your current software provider just said “Our system can’t do that, it’ll need to be a customised modification?”

Ask IBS. We Have Answers…

IBS Dynaman is a world-class, next-generation Warehouse Management System (WMS) that drives vital processes within your supply chain to fuel business growth. It controls the movement and storage of materials in your warehouse, along with all the transactions associated with those operations, including shipping, receiving, put-away, picking and value-added services.

With IBS Dynaman, you’ll quickly and efficiently be able to master the capabilities you need to:

●     Reduce inventory

●     Reduce labor costs

●     Increase storage capacity

●     Increase inventory accuracy

●     Turn your warehouse into your biggest business asset.

IBS Dynaman is scalable, functional, easy-to-use, and will seamlessly integrate with ERP, material handling equipment, and supply chain partners. Its open architecture makes it readily configurable for use on-site or in the cloud.

Experience a low total cost of Ownership and fast ROI with a dynamic next generation WMS. Run meaner and leaner with IBS Dynaman.

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IBS Dynaman is a “next generation” warehouse and operations management solution that supports the most demanding warehouse operations, including advanced modules for inbound, storage, outbound and value-added services in any high-volume, time-critical or complex logistics environment.

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