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The Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics at Victoria University is a specialist research and knowledge centre providing independent, industry-focused research and development.

  • We are the only Institute in Australia focusing specifically on freight logistics and value added supply chains.

ISCL picThe Institute serves a wide range of private and public sector clients throughout Australia and overseas, from traditional logistics disciplines to sophisticated supply and value chain functions, including; demand and support planning; supply chain strategy; infrastructure development; optimisation; integration; policy, regulatory and planning frameworks, and risk and sustainability assessments.


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  • We are industry and government practitioners and academics committed to sharing ‘whole of chain’ capability development and improvement.

The Institute’s applied research programs are enhanced by the academic, business and industry expertise of its personnel.

  • All our work is practical, impartial, and has ‘real world’ application based on today’s good practice and tomorrow’s next practice.

Our belief is that through the development and transfer of supply chain knowledge, organisations will be able to leverage information and multiply the value of their human capital, for the benefit of employees, businesses and the economy.

  • Our innovative and rigorous research supports public and private sector decision making and investment.
  • Our work is outcome focused and based on meaningful, respectful, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships.[/column]

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By their nature, supply chains are highly complex – they involve the interactions of many parties facilitating the organisation and movement of goods and services and transaction data. Supply chain activities are subject to external variables including regulation, infrastructure, government policy and the ever changing demand drivers.

Decisions made at each step of the process are subject to a multiplicity of interdependent influences, each of which play a role in defining supply chain performance.

Our experience and analytical capability of our people is strengthened by our extensive network of institution partners and industry experts and our academic partnerships.

The Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics provides independent advice and pragmatic tested assumptions and strategies.


    • Analysis and implementation of ‘real world’ operational research and value-driven solutions.
    • ‘Business relationship’ methodologies.

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  • Logistics chain and supply chain mapping, design and optimisation.
  • Data mining, processing and scenario modelling and simulation.
  • Behavioural modelling including competition, investment, and policy-driven outcomes.
  • Publications, peer review, conferences and facilitation.


  • Doctoral and Master by research programs
  • Executive development courses in supply chain complexity and integration
  • Customised local, national and international forums for public and private sector enterprises

The Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics can assist in making sense of the dynamic global supply chain environment, supported by the expertise, commercial experience and qualifications of our team and associates.
Telephone:  +61 3 9919 6259
Location:     Level 11, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Australia