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A career in Supply Chain and Logistics in Australia, now more than ever, knows no limits. With the right knowledge, attitude and skills, Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners have no career ceiling. However, it is competitive out there. More and more employers rightly expect professionalism.

Professions have a number of common attributes. These include a commitment to ongoing education, compliance with a code of conduct, performance consistent with a generally agreed body of knowledge or set of rules and Membership of a professional body.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) is Australia’s largest association for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners. We have over 8,400 members and industry contacts. The SCLAA has the proven history, governance framework, established representation, value for money and strategic reach to make it the right choice for you.

The SCLAA believes that those promoting further collaboration in representation of Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners should be encouraged and urges thinking industry Members to support the moves for true collaboration that will take the profession and the industry to the next level.

SCLAA activities fall into one of three tiers:

Tier Level Control Contact Example
1 National National National National Conference/s
2 National National State Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards
3 State State State Monthly Events

SCLAA offers Partners:

      • Brand association with profession initiatives
      • Brand recognition through the national newsletter, web-site, stationary and event brand exposure
      • Input into strategic direction of the association through a structure scheme of consultation at national and state level
      • Membership benefits

The Partners of SCLAA Program exists in four levels:

      • Foundation Partners
      • National Partners
      • State Foundation Partner
      • State Partner


The proposed program will be aligned with all of the following SCLAA controlled and coordinated programs and linked to the Tiered event structure.

      • Awards
      • Projects
      • Research
      • Careers development
      • Profile / credibility
      • Marketing material
      • Community / Charity

Value Proposition

Partners receive a coordinated specific and structured level of involvement or support in all / or a selected number of the following initiatives:

      • Awards
      • Newsletter advertising
      • Conference sponsorship
      • Activities sponsorship
      • Specifically designed programs and activities on behalf of sponsor
      • Leverage on industry projects and research
      • Awards sponsorship
      • Careers pathways developments
      • Case studies
      • White papers
      • Mentoring programs
      • Receive all regular communications
      • Facilitated industry and government gatherings
      • Industry Round Tables
      • Web site coverage
      • To find out more contact your SCLAA National or State Office.

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