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Whether you work in supply chain management, transport & logistics, warehouse management or third-party logistics, MHD Supply Chain Solutions has all the information you need to fulfil your role and get ahead in your career.
  • How robotic goods-to-persons systems are becoming increasingly attractive for a number of benefits, including reduced warehouse footprint, scalability and flexibility, and the ability to better deal with an increased SKU range.
  • How a well designed and constructed warehouse floor will increase productivity, reduce maintenance of the building, and increase the life of the equipment using the floor.
  • What the seven considerations for building a successful warehouse are to help you get the most from your operation.
  • How you can tailor your supply chain to meet evolving consumer demand, as today’s consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before.
  • And some insightful Integrated Business Planning lessons from retail, medical and scientific organisations.

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