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World First International Money Transfer Offer

The Supply Chain Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) have negotiated an exclusive deal with our foreign exchange partner World First. As an SCLAA member, you’re entitled to no fees on all international money transfers. This means you’ll now enjoy superior exchange rates and no fees on transfers of any amount.

World First have assisted over 75,000 customers and transacted more than $AU125 billion since being founded in 2004, and are headquartered in London with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.S.

Why have we partnered with World First?

For your business:

  • Tailored solutions. They offer unique foreign exchange hedging products which are unavailable through banks and other brokers. They also endeavour to understand your business first, and offer product solutions second.
  • Award winning service. You’ll receive a dedicated FX dealer who is personally responsible for managing your account. You’ll also have access to our global office, meaning you can speak to an expert for advice, or book a trade online 24/7.
  • Customer satisfaction. Once our clients make the switch, they don’t look back! 97% of their clients are satisfied with their service and are highly likely to recommend us to their peers.
  • Market insights. Keep abreast of what’s happening in the market through their daily currency updates, rate alerts and live rate information.

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For you:

Looking to personally send money overseas? Save you up to 4% compared to the banks* – that equates to as much as $800 on a transfer of $AU 20,000 to U.S. dollars! You’ll still receive a personal currency specialist and will have the flexibility to trade online, over the phone or through their app!

So whether you’re sending money overseas for regular mortgage payments, selling or buying properties abroad, bringing home your investments or superannuation funds or relocating to a new country, you’ll enjoy cheaper, faster and better transfers.

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