Life, the Universe and Everything IT

The weather may have been gloomy and the traffic may have been a standstill but that didn’t stop the cheerful conversation and the free flowing exchange of information that occurred at the Melbourne Graduate House on March 10 at the SCLAA VIC/TAS event – Managing the Future Workspace.

SCLAA’s members and students were treated to information regarding Matrix 42, a software that holds the key in integrating the workspace across multiple devices. Their speaker, Michael Alf, eagerly shared its possible applications as a tool for supply chain professionals. He began with the acknowledgement of the pervasiveness of technology in everyday life. Each individual owns multiple personal devices: a combination of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, and burgeoning wearable technology apart from the devices that are used for work. Each device is then served by a multitude of software – all of which make for quite a clutter. Together with the emerging trend of bringing your own device to work, Michael presented Matrix 42 as a tool to integrate all personal devices by acting as an interface to company and personal software.  Various elements of the IT system such as security, compliance, and license management will be facilitated by Matrix 42 from the moment the user joins the organisation until the time of departure. The users will then have a personalised workspace seamlessly spread across all of their personal devices. While Matrix 42 may not provide the answer to life, the universe, and everything, it surely makes it easier for you to discover it by managing your IT workspace.

Matrix 42 (1)

Matrix 42 (2)