Introducing SCLAA’s New National Partner – Zebra Technologies

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The SCLAA welcomes our newest National Partner, Zebra Technologies. As a not-for-profit Industry Association, run by members for members, our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.

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As a global provider of next-generation supply chain and logistics mobile solutions, Zebra is excited about the opportunity to bring Visibility that’s Visionary to SCLAA members.

With Zebra Technologies, SCLAA members will have access to industry knowledge, consumer insights and mobile technology solutions to help them build experiences that will connect them with drivers, simplify operations and respond to customer demand, inventory turnover and regulatory requirements.

By deploying next generation innovative technology, SCLAA Members can:

1)  Offer flawless fulfilment every step of the way

  •  Offer better customer engagement and manage demand in real-time
  •  Provide drivers with mobile computing solutions that are fast, reliable,
    secure and always connected
  •  Give staff the tools to make smarter decisions

2)  Enable the smart warehouse

  •  Integrate supply chain with best-in-class hardware and software
  •  Automate manual processes and instantly track shipment contents
  •   Improve order turnaround times
  •   Utilise effective task interleaving

3)  Connect with the fleet – anytime, anywhere

  •  Increase driver and asset visibility
  •  Track driver performance
  •  Manage rising fuel and component costs
  •  Ensure regulatory compliance

4)  Put Efficiency on the Fast Track

  •  Increase standards of asset and facility management
  •  Enable cross-docking
  •  Reduce yard wait times

Zebra can help you design a transportation and logistics solution to help you meet your needs.

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