Introducing SCLAA’s New National Partner – Fingo Finance

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The SCLAA is a not for profit Industry Association, run by members for members. Our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners, one of which we newly welcome is Fingo Finance. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.

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Whether it be the purchase of a car, truck or piece of equipment, Fingo’s philosophy is simple.

We believe in helping Businesses and the individual enjoy the benefits of new assets more often while ensuring they maximize tax breaks, reduce interest costs and minimize financial risk.

We believe the focus should be on the owner / operator and the asset not just the finance or insurance contract. We believe in providing support before, during and after the purchase to ensure intelligent educated buying decisions are made.

Realizing this through unique and innovative financing, leasing and fleet management options in addition to individually tailored insurance solutions that take into account changing requirements from year to year.

According to figures from the ABS there are over 2.1 million companies in Australia with over 409,000 being small to medium businesses, with 1 -200 employees with most having their own supply chain / logistics functions. Statistics also highlight the majority of Australian companies have supply chain / logistics or procurement requirements. Supply chain and logistics is an industry that represents almost 9% of GDP and employs 1.2 million people.

One of the keys to success in these channels is having modern and up to date vehicles, equipment, warehousing and warehouse management solutions. These areas can be expensive to purchase and maintain, or to lease with a service agreement. The finance, lease or outright purchase needs to be looked at in the context of the business itself and its individual or group needs at that particular point in time.

Fingo will look at the whole business and work with you to ensure the finance structure recommended or insurance coverage levels proposed are both appropriate and in line with the individual business objectives or that of the group. Fingo ensure the structure will provide the maximum tax benefits, reduce interest charges and mitigate the financial risk that will help protect your business.

Fingo Finance offer tailored financial and insurance solutions that focus on your needs taking a holistic and collaborative approach to effect desired outcomes for you, the customer.

To find out how Fingo can benefit you and your business, please contact:

Rod Berryman
1300 134 646
0419 375 834