Inspiring Lunch and Site Visit for Women in Supply Chain

Women inspire Melbourne’s Supply Chain

Pic 1On Wednesday 14 October 2015, the Emporium Melbourne and the Bestrane Group hosted a networking lunch for women in supply chain. The event attracted 32 women with leading supply chain management roles and included a site tour of the Emporium’s innovative dock management system which was awarded the 2015 SMART Innovation Award for its ‘MobileDOCK’ Dock Management system.

The Emporium Melbourne is a 48,000 square meter retail asset located in one of the most congested parts of the CBD on the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale Streets in Melbourne, Australia. The site has some unique logistics challenges; it can only be accessed via a narrow laneway and its footprint ruled out traditional inclined ramps into loading locks.

The theme of the event was Excellence. Elegance. Ease. The guest speaker, Laura Anderson, Chairman Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival described her remarkable career and her belief that supply chain is an exceptional career choice for women (and men). Laura emphasized that Australia’s ability to trade is critical to our country’s future prosperity, which is underpinned by supply chain excellence.

The event attracted 32 women in leading Supply Chain management roles representing Sinochem Australia, Queen Victoria Market, PFD Food Services, Ctrack ANZ, Xtreme Freight, The Good Foundation, The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, NBN, Bestrane, ARRB Group, Victoria University, Secon Freight Logistics, Myer, Safe Sense, Treasury Wines Estates, Lion, VicRoads, Australia Post, Australia Post, Woolworths, Australia Post and Kings Transport.

Pic 2Post lunch, the site tour commenced led by Arron Renehan, Operations Manager at Emporium, Shannon Donaghey, Dock Master at Emporium, and David Sanders, Group Managing Director at Bestrane.  Adorned in pink safety vests, the group descended to Emporium’s famous loading docks via the largest lifts in the Southern Hemisphere. The lifts replaced long ramps; enabling the site to add an additional 7000 m2 of retail floor space.

Tina Sheldon from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources commented “The loading dock is quite futuristic really and at the same time the fellow who manages it is so empathetic and down to earth. As well as being very impressive in scale and sophistication, I would even go so far as to call it glamorous!”

Emporium partnered with Bestrane to automatically schedule the use of the two hydraulic truck lifts using a unique web based appointment solution called MobileDOCK. The 2015 SMART award is the culmination of the Emporium/Bestrane partnership and an example of what can be achieved when vision, hard work and innovative technology combine.

This solution has driven many benefits for Emporium including:

  • Adding an extra 7000m2 of retail floor space that would otherwise have been needed for long access ramps.
  • Drivers know exactly when to arrive at the building to receive direct access to a specific bay eliminating the search for loading zones.
  • Queuing times have been eliminated which also has dramatically reduced truck idle time at Street Level.


  • Live since August 2014.
  • Over 90% of appointment bookings made and approved automatically via the web with NO INTERACTION required from Dock Management at Emporium.
  • Congestion has been all but eliminated from the site.
  • Unauthorised vehicles being identified before entry to the Emporium site.
  • Increased site security and visibility of who is onsite for what periods of time
  • Ability for all supply chain parties to manage and record their Chain of Responsibility obligations.

MobileDOCK is a collaborative, web based on-demand solution that enables carriers, suppliers and distribution centers (DCs) to schedule their commercials inbound and outbound appointments to specific docks at specific facilities. More information can be found at and