Gallagher partners with Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia

Gallagher has partnered with the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) to offer risk management advice and insurance solutions to its members.

SCLAA is Australia’s largest association for supply chain and logistics professionals and practitioners, with more than 3000 members nationwide. Gallagher, meanwhile, is a global broker with a network of 25+ regional and metropolitan branches across Australia, giving a unique perspective on the risks faced by business owners across a broad spectrum of industries.

As well as a wide range of business and personal insurance solutions, Gallagher is offering all SCLAA members a no-obligation insurance review to ensure they have adequate protection for their businesses and livelihoods.

SCLAA Chairman Amanda O’Brien said that the partnership with Gallagher provides a valuable opportunity for members to gain relevant and timely access to insurance advice that is specifically tailored to the challenges they face.

“SCLAA is committed to ensuring we partner with organisations who offer knowledge, expertise and advice to our members,” said Ms O’Brien. “Gallagher’s significant presence across Australia, means our members can expect to benefit from a high level of local expertise on risk management matters, backed up by access to outstanding insurance products to safeguard their businesses.”

Gallagher’s Brendon Kropp, who serves as a dedicated point of contact for SCLAA members, added: “Supply chain and logistics businesses play a pivotal role in the Australian economy, but are also subject to a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

“In particular new Chain of Responsibility legislation comes into force in October. This will place a burden of responsibility on all supply chain and logistics professionals to ensure their risk management processes and procedures are watertight and enforced to avoid potentially significant legal penalties.

And of course it’s essential that every business in the sector has the right level of insurance cover for their motor liability and professional risks. We can help ensure that SCLAA members have no gaps in cover and can avoid common pitfalls such as under-insurance, which can be devastating in the event of a major claim.”

SCLAA members can find out about Gallagher’s service offering, or request an insurance review, here.