Future Leaders Group

Future Leaders Group

The SCLAA fosters involvement through specialised focus groups such as the Future Leaders Group (FLG). If you are looking to build your knowledge and career then the SCLAA Future Leaders Group can work for you.

The SCLAA Future Leaders Group (FLG) supports young Supply Chain & Logistics professionals & practitioners 25 years of age and under by providing networking and education opportunities relevant to career development. This is part of the SCLAA’s continued commitment to increase and improve overall Supply Chain excellence through education, as well as through practical and appropriate involvement.

The goal of the FLG is to bring together young professionals from all aspects of Supply Chain, Logistics, Transport and Procurement (SCLT&P) in a fun, professional, educational and interactive setting. It includes

      • Promoting career development/opportunities for young professionals and the benefits to their organizations,
      • Recognising the achievements of young professionals in the industry,
      • Providing a professional education program that generates greater awareness about SCLT&P issues for young professionals; and
      • Creating an opportunity for young professionals to develop networks with each other and others within the industry.

The SCLAA FLG is a recognised sub-committee of the SCLAA under the control and guidance of the relevant State Committee. It also gains strong support from the Board and able to share experience and ideas in a National platform.

The SCLAA FLG organise various site visit, professional presentation and interesting activities to support young professionals in networking, education, career planning and professional development.

Every year, the SCLAA acknowledges and rewards Young Professionals by recognising outstanding achievement at State level and nationally with the National Future Leaders Award (see the Awards page of the website.

The benefits of becoming a FLG Member  include:

        • Industry networking
        • Professional development
        • Education and training opportunities
        • Site visits to innovative facilities
        • Conferences and summits
        • Logistics lounges and technical seminars
        • Bi – Monthly national newsletter
        • Subscription to MHD Magazine

FLG testimony

In 2013 the SCLAA dedicated the Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Future Leaders Award to Vince Aisthorpe due to him being an inspiring, challenging, courageous and tireless champion of young people and aspiring future leaders.

“The Future Leaders Group is very special to me as we established it in Queensland originally as a means to help introduce young people to all the available opportunities for employment, growth and challenge in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry as well as to ensure we had a succession plan as the older generation leave and the younger professionals join.  Since then it has grown to become a national initiative for the SCLAA. The SCLAA encourages the under 30 group to join the industry and to see that there are so many opportunities to develop themselves both personally and professionally in the greater Supply Chain and Logistics Industry. The beauty about this industry is that you might start your career on the warehouse floor and end up a procurement, logistics, transport or supply chain senior manager, as the job opportunities are endless and the career advancement  extensive. I welcome and encourage everyone to join the Future Leaders Group and to be a part of a wonderful industry for many years to come.”
Vince Aisthorpe, SCLAA Life Member and Queensland State President

Frequented Questions

What is FLG?

FLG is also known as the Future Leaders Group which is the youth professional division of the SCLAA (Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia – not for profit association run by members for members). The FLG’s mission is to enhance career opportunities and awareness for young professionals in the supply chain, logistics, transports and procurement related industries.

What do the FLG do?

FLG looks at providing the platform, opportunities and network for young supply chain and logistics professionals to develop skills which would make them succeed in this field. This includes leadership in team related activities, organizing events and training. In addition, the FLG looks at promoting career development opportunities for young professionals and university students through mentoring support groups and programs. The FLG also officially recognizes young professionals who significantly contribute to the industry and this recognition is known as the Future Leaders Award which is presented annually at state and national award ceremonies.

Benefits of joining the FLG?

        • Industry networking
        • Professional development
        • Education and training opportunities
        • Site visits to innovative facilities
        • Conferences and summits
        • Logistics lounges and technical seminars
        • Bi – Monthly national newsletter
        • Subscription to MHD Magazine

Who should join?

          • Professionals and practitioners in;
          • Supply Chain
          • Transport, Distribution and Logistics
          • Procurement and Purchasing
          • Warehouse and Inventory
          • Planning and IT
          • Government and Academia
          • Students

What does it take to join?

A drive to succeed, willingness to learn and team spirit.

$55 for student members / $125 for professionals (25 years and under)

Join today for a fun and interesting group to build your future!

For more information please contact SCLAA Office on 1300 364 160 or via email.

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