SCLAA VIC/TAS 2019 Mentoring Program


What is the purpose of mentoring?

Mentoring – a learning relationship where someone more experienced puts time and energy into a less experienced person’s development – is not new; and due to popular demand and year-on-year success of the SCLAA mentoring program, we are excited to continue the annual Mentoring program designed specifically for final year students or young professionals. Mentoring as we know it today is loosely modelled on the historical craftsman/apprentice relationship, where young people learned a trade by shadowing the master artisan. In the last few decades, however, it has become more formalised and recognised as a valuable form of professional development. We know the benefits of mentoring are many—below are a few some to consider, whether you are upper or middle management, prospective mentors and mentees.

For the mentor

When you mentor others, you gain critical skills to improve as a leader. You learn to bring out the best in others, recognise strengths and weaknesses, how to be diplomatic while getting results, how to give sound advice and be supportive, and most importantly, how to look within in order to make changes. As a mentor, you are both a leader and a role model for someone else, and that critical role often pushes you to strive for more, to be more helpful, and simply to be the best version of you. And if you can do that working with one person, you can do it with two or three, people, up to large groups and whole companies. The skills you may inadvertently learn are applicable in many life and professional situations, and the confidence you gain as a mentor is transferable to leadership in the workplace.

For the mentee

While mentorship can be valuable at any stage of a career, it’s especially important when the mentee doesn’t have as much personal experience in the industry. Being mentored by a season professional in your field of work is a valuable opportunity for development. Not only does it help you score better professionally, it also gives you some rare insights into the field you’re in, that you otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

Being a mentee exposes you to a new point of view, forcing you to think outside the box and explore new ideas. This is an invaluable asset that can help you hone your skills and grow comprehensively as an all-rounder.

As a mentee, you find that your confidence levels are higher than what they used to be when you had nobody to turn to for guidance. You also find that you’re eager to perform better, so your mentor can be proud of you. There’s more scope for motivation, and this encourages you to give your best round the clock.

About the SCLAA mentoring program

They say knowledge is power and through a workplace mentoring program, it is one of many great ways for students, graduates and young professionals to boost their knowledge, create opportunities and bridge fundamental and technical gaps whilst in their young careers. For many students, it can take months and even years to get to understand and develop core business acumen skills. Through the SCLAA mentoring program, a mentee can gain direct access via important career contacts and learn from one-to-one mentoring.

When it comes to the onboarding process, job training is often designed to help the new hire learn about their specific role in the company. Through the SCLAA mentoring program, students and young professionals becoming solutions driven and a well-rounded asset to their organisation. This type of one-to-one learning can help the new employee develop best practices, improve communication and presentation as well as building credibility and a foundation for their career.

Most mentoring programs are strictly guided with boundaries of what a student must learn. SCLAA has refined the mentoring program to adapt to new generational thinking and learning parameters which will allow our mentees to initiate their own direction or goals they hope to accomplish through the process. By giving our mentees to ability to drive and take accountability of their own destiny, the mentoring program gives them more control over the direction of their career.

The program itself will be a scheduled monthly one-hour meeting between the mentor and mentee and will be structured around a fluid direction of building five pillars or foundations of an astute business minded professional, these five pillars are;

1. Introduction to business and SCLAA level of expectation.
2. Defining goals and building a career plan.
3. Real life problem solving and understanding industry challenges and opportunities.
4. Refining your strengths and understanding barriers or weaknesses of growth.
5. Self-reflection and review – 360ᵒ peer review.

Where we are in the process

We are only weeks away from program launch and since the initial announcement by our program committee, it has been received exceptionally well within the SC and Procurement industry.

We have limited places remaining and urge all mentors and potential mentees to sign up before 7th June.

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