Divisional President:  Cathy-Anne Jones

Cathy-Anne’s career and industry understanding has evolved while assisting clients with recruitment, apprenticeships and training across a wide range of industries and roles.  For more than 20 years she has been fascinated by company structures, cultures and the industry context of roles – working within Manufacturing, Engineering, WHS, Logistics and Allied Health.

Cathy-Anne fell in love with the Supply Chain and Logistics industry as it is what ties everything else together to get everything where it needs to be, on time! She developed a genuine interest in the complexity and diversity of the challenges faced by our industry and continues to learn more whilst servicing her clients.

Cathy-Anne has been actively involved in recruiting, networking and education in this space for the last few years and joined the NSW SCLAA in 2017 and the NSW committee in 2018.  She holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Industrial Relations (HR) from the University of Sydney and is connected to a national and international network of recruiters and talent.  Her company, Supply Chain People, launched in 2019, services clients in our industry with talent acquisition.  She holds an additional interest in supporting the future of our industry by encouraging young people into the industry and working with our Future Leaders and Education teams.

Cathy-Anne is looking forward to supporting the NSW Branch of the SCLAA through events, education, site tours and representation.

Phone: 0414 535 323

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NSW President Cathy-Anne Jones
NSW Board Representative Joshua Holmes
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Thought Leadership Michael Fasullo
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