Ballarat West Employment Zone – Freight Hub Land Sale EOI

The State Government will soon call for Expressions of Interest from freight and logistics firms to purchase land for the establishment of a Freight Hub in the new Ballarat West Employment Zone (BWEZ).

BWEZ is an exciting 438 hectare industrial subdivision being developed by the Victorian Government and the City of Ballarat.  BWEZ  aims to attract manufacturing, freight and logistics, construction and other employers to take advantage of Ballarat’s rapid growth, ideal location, high quality workforce and lifestyle.  The Stage 1 BWEZ subdivision works will be completed  in mid-2016 and the first major land sale to exporter Broadbent Grain has been announced, with further sales expected in coming months.

The BWEZ vision includes establishment of a Freight Hub on 24 hectares of land within Stage 1 of BWEZ, to support improved freight efficiency and productivity of the region’s supply chains. The Freight Hub will be home to one or more operators offering a range of freight and logistics solutions.

Roads within BWEZ, the Freight Hub and the new Ballarat Link Road have been designed to accommodate high productivity freight vehicles (HPFVs). The BWEZ Freight Hub is just 1km from the Western Freeway, which is also being upgraded to accommodate HPFVs and is at the junction of the Glenelg, Sunraysia and Midland Highways. The Freight Hub site is located alongside the broad gauge Melbourne to Ararat rail line with access to the Port of Melbourne and the Geelong Port.

Major Projects Victoria is expecting to launch an Expression of Interest process on or about Thursday 10 December 2015 for sale or lease off-the-plan of up to 24 hectares of serviced land within the BWEZ Freight Hub to firms looking to establish:

  • Road, rail and intermodal transport operations, including truck parking, weighbridge and other public or shared facilities
  • Freight handling, storage, deconsolidation and consolidation activities including containerisation of goods
  • Manufacturing activities, particularly food/ fibre /beverage and agricultural product value-adding,   producing significant quantities of outbound or inbound freight, that could benefit from immediate access to efficient freight services in the Freight Hub.

The Commonwealth Government has committed $9.1 million towards developing public infrastructure within the Freight Hub.

The EOI will close on 11 February 2016.

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SCLAA VIC/TAS – Carlton United Brewery Tour

Pic 1Thursday 19th November and a perfect 30° C day for SCLAA Victoria members to embark on a tour of Carlton United Brewery. I think the beer sampling session at the end was definitely enjoyed by all.

20 SCLAA Victoria members attended the tour of CUB’s 22 acre site in Abbotsford and it was certainly a well spent couple of hours.

The tour generally follows the beer making process starting with a talk (and smell test) of the locally sourced barley and hops that are the core ingredients that go into the mash tuns along with lots of water and yeast. 1200 Megalitres to be presice.

Now it turns out that this mixture only stays in there for 2 hours if you want to end up with VB whereas beers with less carbohydrates stay in there longer so the yeast can absorb most of the sugars.
After that it’s off to fermentation vessels and filtering before it’s bottled, pasturised and finally labelled ready for distribution to the thirsty Australian populace.

There’s a few highlights from our tour starting with an opportunity to see the fine Clydesdale horses and Dray that just happened to be getting ready for an upcoming event and the customer show truck that they travel around in.

And on that topic of trucks (this was a Supply Chain and Logistics tour after all) there’s a little known fact about the Abbottsford brewery which was built almost 100 years ago.

Originally built so raw materials and finished product could be transported by barge, the brewery has obviously grown to a massive scale where everything moves by road. In fact close to 200 truck movements a day flow in and out of the brewery site.

Pic 3For those that don’t know Melbourne, Abbottsford these days is a residential area on the fringe of Melbourne CBD so the first question that arises is ‘How come this volume of trucks (mainly B-doubles) isn’t visible and causing huge traffic congestion?’  After all the streets around the brewery are normal residential streets not suilted for large trucks – especially 200 of them every day.

Well, the answer for the uninitiated is that there is a secret tunnel that runs from the huge undercover distribution centre and pops out somewhere close to the main freeway. Clever eh?

And the other amazing experience is the packaging line which can manage 1500 bottle per minute. Try and picture that for a moment or think about 25 bottles per second whizzing past. Now imaging three sensors that check correct fill height, cap closure and label positioning followed by a machine that can punch any non conforming bottle off the line without any disruption to the line speed. And that machine is capable of repeating that process on every other bottle if the need so arises. Impressive to say the least.

Now I did mention that the tour finishes with a beer sampling and our members definitely enjoyed that on a 30 degrees day. But apart from that the modern visitor centre, the Carlton United Brewery boasts a terrific café serving up a range of salads, burgers and sandwhiches all of which can be consumed with a drop of your favourite brew.

The only bad news? You can’t enjoy a cold beer if you are registered for the tour. Alsolute zero alcohol rule across the entire site so any beer consumption has to wait until after the tour has concluded.

Needless to say, several of our group were keen to show their Supply Chain expertise and sample a few beers for the purely professional purpose of demonstrating their Quality Assurance expertise. At least that’s what they told me!

Anyway, a great day was had by all. Our special thanks to the team at Carlton United Brewery for a terrific experience.




TT Logistics (Australasia) Site Visit – Tuesday, 20 October 2015

TT Logistics in conjunction with the SCLAA held a successful, informative and enjoyable site tour at their Laverton North facility.  Mr Ross Jacob the General Manager, Mr Patrick Ingenegeren, the Senior Manager Business Development and Mr Gavyn Mickleson, the Logistics Analyst, displayed undeniable skill at showcasing the impressive premises and articulating the processes, capability and services that the Laverton North DC handles for both customers in the automotive and non-automotive space with precision.

The logistics centre in Melbourne is 25,059 square metres and what was clearly evident from the presentation was not only the size, but the disciplined culture epitomised by the application of Toyota Production Systems (TPS).  This was clearly demonstrated on the factory floor, where two large tour groups were given an impressive insight into the operational activity and handling processes of SME’s and multinationals around Australia and Overseas.

TTL pic1

Mr Ross Jacob held everyone’s attention and delighted the packed boardroom and on the warehouse floor with intelligence and wit.  Having an impressive background, Mr Jacob has held senior management positions at companies such as TNT and Linfox and with over 35 years experience in the industry showcased his knowledge of complex supply chains.

Apparent from the tour and commented on by members and guests was that everything was clean, each section had a specific function running on schedule and that all employees were fully engaged encompassing the Kaizan culture to achieve operational excellence. Efficiency, Safety, Housekeeping, Quality and Environment are disciplined practices continually addressed and a small snapshot of these being put into action was visualized on the tour.  With the active participation of staff and management taking responsibility for their area of expertise efficiencies result.  But it is the encouraged liaison between all stakeholders to improve the processes and company that is beneficial to all.  The group remained impressed by the seamless methods applied in practice.

TTL Pic2

The new facility in Derrimut is another string to TTL’s bow and covers 12,000 square metres operating 24/7 with other centres throughout Australasia including Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.  Facilities in other capital cities service some of Australia’s biggest accounts such as Electrolux in Orange; another impressive facility of 11,500 square meters.  A large number of blue chip customers receive individual logistics solutions handled expertly in Inventory Management, Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Quality and Environmental Management with TPS providing efficient logistics solutions and cost savings.

A state of the art Warehouse Management System accurately also accounts for TT Logistics impressive track record.  Guaranteeing 100% inventory accuracy has brought the company the benefits of expanding its footprint, combining excellence with cross functional operations.   TPS enables projects to be productively achieved at minimal costs to the array of clientele by utilizing (JIT) Just-In-Time and 5S methods.

TT Logistics Overseas Operations include Japan, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, North America and Central & South America. Impressive in its Global Supply Chain Solutions TT Logistics will continue to service its customers by driving these processes/values and distribution practices throughout further regions of the world.

More information regarding this impressive company can be found by visiting their website  Additional information can also be found on TT Logistics/Business in Focus Magazine link

On behalf of the Supply Chain & Industry Association of Australia we would like to formally thank Mr. Ross Jacob and all the team at TT Logistics for their hospitality, providing lunch, giving up their valuable time and providing an excellent insight into what it takes to achieve global supply chain excellence.  SCLAA looks forward to collaborating with TT Logistics (Australasia) well into the future.

TTL Pic3

Inspiring Lunch and Site Visit for Women in Supply Chain

Women inspire Melbourne’s Supply Chain

Pic 1On Wednesday 14 October 2015, the Emporium Melbourne and the Bestrane Group hosted a networking lunch for women in supply chain. The event attracted 32 women with leading supply chain management roles and included a site tour of the Emporium’s innovative dock management system which was awarded the 2015 SMART Innovation Award for its ‘MobileDOCK’ Dock Management system.

The Emporium Melbourne is a 48,000 square meter retail asset located in one of the most congested parts of the CBD on the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale Streets in Melbourne, Australia. The site has some unique logistics challenges; it can only be accessed via a narrow laneway and its footprint ruled out traditional inclined ramps into loading locks.

The theme of the event was Excellence. Elegance. Ease. The guest speaker, Laura Anderson, Chairman Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival described her remarkable career and her belief that supply chain is an exceptional career choice for women (and men). Laura emphasized that Australia’s ability to trade is critical to our country’s future prosperity, which is underpinned by supply chain excellence.

The event attracted 32 women in leading Supply Chain management roles representing Sinochem Australia, Queen Victoria Market, PFD Food Services, Ctrack ANZ, Xtreme Freight, The Good Foundation, The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, NBN, Bestrane, ARRB Group, Victoria University, Secon Freight Logistics, Myer, Safe Sense, Treasury Wines Estates, Lion, VicRoads, Australia Post, Australia Post, Woolworths, Australia Post and Kings Transport.

Pic 2Post lunch, the site tour commenced led by Arron Renehan, Operations Manager at Emporium, Shannon Donaghey, Dock Master at Emporium, and David Sanders, Group Managing Director at Bestrane.  Adorned in pink safety vests, the group descended to Emporium’s famous loading docks via the largest lifts in the Southern Hemisphere. The lifts replaced long ramps; enabling the site to add an additional 7000 m2 of retail floor space.

Tina Sheldon from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources commented “The loading dock is quite futuristic really and at the same time the fellow who manages it is so empathetic and down to earth. As well as being very impressive in scale and sophistication, I would even go so far as to call it glamorous!”

Emporium partnered with Bestrane to automatically schedule the use of the two hydraulic truck lifts using a unique web based appointment solution called MobileDOCK. The 2015 SMART award is the culmination of the Emporium/Bestrane partnership and an example of what can be achieved when vision, hard work and innovative technology combine.

This solution has driven many benefits for Emporium including:

  • Adding an extra 7000m2 of retail floor space that would otherwise have been needed for long access ramps.
  • Drivers know exactly when to arrive at the building to receive direct access to a specific bay eliminating the search for loading zones.
  • Queuing times have been eliminated which also has dramatically reduced truck idle time at Street Level.


  • Live since August 2014.
  • Over 90% of appointment bookings made and approved automatically via the web with NO INTERACTION required from Dock Management at Emporium.
  • Congestion has been all but eliminated from the site.
  • Unauthorised vehicles being identified before entry to the Emporium site.
  • Increased site security and visibility of who is onsite for what periods of time
  • Ability for all supply chain parties to manage and record their Chain of Responsibility obligations.

MobileDOCK is a collaborative, web based on-demand solution that enables carriers, suppliers and distribution centers (DCs) to schedule their commercials inbound and outbound appointments to specific docks at specific facilities. More information can be found at and