VIC/TAS: Thought Leadership Series – The importance of the last-mile in delivering an exceptional customer experience!


Black Bay LogoA huge thank you to everyone who came along to last night’s SCLAA Vic Thought Leadership event and made it such a success! What a great turnout! Special mentions go to Honey Bar for hosting us, our fantastic speakers Jason Pallant, Jonathan Reeve, Justin Williams, Nezih Gizli for sharing amazing insights and our event sponsor, Blackbay. Great work by the Vic committee for bringing it all together. We’re certainly excited about the rest of the series and can’t wait to see you all at our next event!

Daniel Esdaile, Marek Gralinski, Hayden Micallef and Jesse Wilson

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SCLAA FLG Young Professionals Networking Drinks

Thanks to all those who attended the above event on Wednesday this week, we had a blast and it was great to meet some new faces and learn more about you!

Some other events on the near horizon include:

  • Last mile thought leadership forum (~ April)
  • Member Bike ride (~April)
  • Site tours to manufacturing/DC facilities (April/May)


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SCLAA VIC/TAS Announcement

Newly elected Future Leader Group President and Vice President

At the recent VIC/TAS Committee meeting, the Committee elected a VIC/TAS Future Leaders Group President and Vice President

Charles Edwards – VIC/TAS Future Leaders Group President

Charles is a management consultant with GRA based in Melbourne, Australia and comes from an engineering and finance background.

He has experience in supply chain strategic review, sales and operations planning, inventory optimisation, 3D printing and demand and replenishment planning.

His previous clients within the supply chain industry include the Defence Force, MROs and ASX listed retail businesses within Australia.


Federick Nasol – VIC/TAS Future Leader Group Vice President

Federick Nasol has been heavily involved in the ports and shipping industry in Manila, Philippines before moving to Melbourne last year.

He is now handling vehicle imports for Ford Australia.


For information on the current VIC/TAS State Committee, view the
VIC/TAS Division page on the SCLAA website.

Any VIC/TAS members who would like to become involved with the State Committee should contact Ming at

Toyota Altona Manufacturing Plant Tour

The Victorian SCLAToyota Pic 1A had the opportunity to host a free site visit at the Toyota vehicle manufacturing plant based in Altona, Melbourne on the 30th August 2016. The tour consisted of an overview of Toyota’s history in Australia followed by an in-depth walk around their stamping plant, highly automated body and paint shop while finally going through the vehicle assembly line where participants saw how the cars (Camry, Camry Hybrid and Aurion) gets put together using the Kanban system which is used to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Another highlight of the tour was the successful implementation of multiple automated guided vehicle’s (AGV) across the facility which contribute to improved workspace and process efficiency. It was clear to see that engineering and manufacturing a car is an extremely complex process and showcased Australia’s automotive manufacturing capability that we should all be very proud of.
Toyota Pic 3 Toyota Pic 2

Melbourne Parcel Facility Tour Wrap Up

Aus Post SV picThis week, SCLAA members received an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Australia Post’s Melbourne Parcel Facility, a highly automated DC which recently underwent a major overhaul extension and modernisation as part of a $2B network investment program in 2014.

The facility, now significantly larger than the playing surface of the MCG, is dominated by various conveyor belts and automated sorting machines intertwined in what might appear to an outsider as a chaotic web, but is a highly efficient system with over 25,000 parcels constantly whizzing by and changing lanes each hour, for up to 24hours a day.

The Netherland’s produced system utilises moving scales, automated truck loading systems (not dissimilar in appearance to a horizontal cherry picker) and six-sided barcode scanners, backed up by offsite employees with remote access into package reading cameras. This well-oiled machine has increased Australia Post’s Melbourne Parcel Facility throughput by almost three times.

Aside from efficiency, the focus of Australia Post on safety was prominent, with stringent PPE requirements, vehicle separation and overhead gantries in place, in addition to numerous automated shutdown sensors to eliminate the risk of any potential hazards to employees.

The event was an insightful experience providing a mixture of members the opportunity to meet and witness a black & white picture of the direction of future supply chains. If you missed out, we hope to see you at the next event!

Special thanks to Marylou and Patrick from Australia Post for hosting the event.

Charles Edwards, SCLAA Committee


Life, the Universe and Everything IT

The weather may have been gloomy and the traffic may have been a standstill but that didn’t stop the cheerful conversation and the free flowing exchange of information that occurred at the Melbourne Graduate House on March 10 at the SCLAA VIC/TAS event – Managing the Future Workspace.

SCLAA’s members and students were treated to information regarding Matrix 42, a software that holds the key in integrating the workspace across multiple devices. Their speaker, Michael Alf, eagerly shared its possible applications as a tool for supply chain professionals. He began with the acknowledgement of the pervasiveness of technology in everyday life. Each individual owns multiple personal devices: a combination of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, and burgeoning wearable technology apart from the devices that are used for work. Each device is then served by a multitude of software – all of which make for quite a clutter. Together with the emerging trend of bringing your own device to work, Michael presented Matrix 42 as a tool to integrate all personal devices by acting as an interface to company and personal software.  Various elements of the IT system such as security, compliance, and license management will be facilitated by Matrix 42 from the moment the user joins the organisation until the time of departure. The users will then have a personalised workspace seamlessly spread across all of their personal devices. While Matrix 42 may not provide the answer to life, the universe, and everything, it surely makes it easier for you to discover it by managing your IT workspace.

Matrix 42 (1)

Matrix 42 (2)

Women in Logistics The Final Frontier – Friday, 29 April 2016

Don’t Miss This Ground Breaking Event! Join the Conversation at the MCG on 29th April where the Inspirational Director General Supply Chain, Air Commodore from the Australian Defence Force Christine Tolson is Leading and mentoring logistics professionals of the future.

Christine Tolson 200px - pic

Born in Bunbury, Western Australia, Air Commodore Christine Tolson joined the Air Force as a ‘Supply Officer Cadet’ on 15 January 1985. Throughout her career she has performed in a number of capacities and has capital acquisition and sustainment logistics experience and qualification. Of note, Air Commodore Tolson has held four separate Command appointments during her career: Commanding Officer Maritime Patrol Systems Program Office (SPO) Commanding Officer Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems Program Office, Officer Commanding Munitions Branch as well as her current Command as Director General Supply Chain. As Director General Supply Chain, Air Commodore Tolson is responsible for wholesale warehousing and distribution, maintenance and operational supply chain functions for the Australian Defence Force.

Air Commodore Tolson has spent much of her career driving change and reform and her current posting, in which she is charged with realizing the reform started by the Defence Logistics Transformation Program, is no different. She has extensive contract development, negotiation and management and supply chain design experience. A firm believer in strategic planning and that ‘the data will set you free’, her career has also seen her invest significantly in instilling planning and performance management ethos and frameworks within the various organisations that she has led.

Her great passion lay in leadership and in mentoring the logistics officers and female leaders of the future.

160429V flyer - pg 1

Download a copy of the above flyer, registration form and sponsorship opportunities

Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day

Happy International Woman’s Day from the SCLAA.  We are constantly encouraged that the gender gap is becoming smaller in our industry.  We, in conjunction with our partners constantly strive to achieve an inclusive environment regardless of the individual.

Three of the SCLAA’s six Divisions have Women as Presidents, and many women make up our hard working volunteer Divisions, Committees and Sub Committees.

To celebrate, SCLAA are hosting a Women in Logistics – The Final Frontier event on Friday, 29 April 2016. The event will be held in Victoria with guest speakers including:

  • Amanda Blesing – Ambition Revolution
  • Tracey Waring – Ernst & Young
  • Christine Tolson – Air Commodore, Director General Supply Chain Vice Chief of the Defence Force
  • Jody Freestone – General Manager Freestone’s Transport

Registrations opening soon – stay tuned!

VIC/TAS DHL Site Visit

On 25 February 2016 twelve lucky SCLAA members were fortunate enough to attend a tour of the DHL Express Melbourne facility. The tour gave an insight into how the World’s largest logistics company operates and guests were given an informative walkthrough of the modern eight months old facility.

DHL - site tour pic - 400pxDHL Express displayed a number of aspirational characteristics which are of no surprise given they are the market leader in Australian express logistics services.  It was apparent that DHL aims very high, with ambitious environmental goals, dedicated 24/7 international air fleet management centres and, perhaps most importantly, happy, driven long-term employees.

The facility was fresh, modern and lively operated by a highly autonomous conveyor belt system with integrated automatic parcel photography, sizing, weighing and x-ray technologies for tracking and security.

Of particular interest was DHL’s valuable (and exclusive for a logistics company) access inside Melbourne’s airport and their capability to provide a 24-hour turnaround service to New Zealand customers. A special thanks to Lisa Phillips from DHL for hosting the event.

Charles Edwards, SCLAA

DHL - warehouse pic - 600px

VIC Treasurer Graduates with Diploma of Business

The SCLAA would like to congratulate newly appointed Victoria Division Treasurer on graduating with a Diploma of Business at the end of 2015.

15-12-19 VIC - Tonia Du Prez Graduates with Diploma in Business