BORDER UPDATE. 17 July 2020

The VTA has worked closely with jurisdictions around the country to keep supply chains running efficiently, seamlessly and safely as Victoria experiences a surge in coronavirus cases, which has resulted in restrictions on the movement of people who live or have been in Victoria. Please note the border control update, as of Friday, July 17.

New South Wales

Freight drivers entering NSW from Victoria are required to have a current NSW border entry permit. They should obtain a border pass under the exemption category “Critical services – movement of freight or persons on a commercial basis.” This will ensure drivers are exempted from the requirement to self-isolate for 14 days providing your employer has a COVID-Safe plan in place. NSW border pass applications are available here.

South Australia

Freight drivers entering South Australia from another state or territory must complete a cross border pre-approval form 72 hours more prior to arrival. Freight drivers who usually reside in Victoria must wear a face mask when interacting with the public in South Australia and maintain records of close contacts. They must also self-quarantine in South Australia when not undertaking work related duties. Drivers from jurisdictions other than Victoria entering South Australia are not required to comply with these requirements. Further information is available here.

Australian Capital Territory

Freight operators from Victoria must apply for an exemption at least 48 hours (wherever possible) before their intended travel date. See further details here

Northern Territory

Whilst the NT Border is now ‘open’ all travellers including truck drivers not travelling from an identified hotspot must continue to fill out Border Entry Forms online, print out or take a screen shot of the reference number and keep copy to provide for police at the NT Border. If you are returning from a designated hot spot (currently ALL of Victoria and Sydney Metropolitan area) with essential freight you are required to submit your COVID-19 management plan with a travel plan and driver details (for whom you are seeking an exemption.) Drivers will not be permitted entry without prior written approval of the Management Plan by the CHO.  Your company must be able to demonstrate:

  • Drivers will comply with all conditions attached to the COVID-19 Management Plan
  • Remain ‘quarantined (staying in the truck or depot as per travel plan) when not working
  • Drivers will maintain social distancing, health and hygiene requirements
  • Drivers will wear a face mask if not able to maintain 1.5metre distance from other persons when working
  • Take COVID-19 test if instructed to do so

The email address to send your applications for exemption including COVID-19 Management Plan & Travel Plan is:


Freight drivers entering Queensland are required to complete a Border Declaration prior to entry (valid for 7 days). Anyone that has been in a declared COVID hotspot in the previous 14 days is not permitted to enter. This includes the whole of Victoria. There is an exemption for those engaged in freight and logistics transport – but a truthful declaration must be made on your Border Declaration Pass. Further details here.

Western Australia

Freight drivers are required to apply for an exemption under the transport, freight and logistics category to enter Western Australia. This can be done through obtaining a G2G Pass. Anyone permitted to enter WA who has been in Victoria for the previous 14 days will be served with a notice on arrival requiring them to take a COVID-19 test on day 11 of their time in Western Australia (or if/whenever symptoms develop).


Tasmania is denying entry to anyone who has been in Victoria in the previous 14 days from attempting to enter. Freight and logistics workers can obtain an exemption. There is an exemption for freight and logistics workers as Essential Travellers here. Anyone granted Essential Traveller status who has spent time in Victoria in the 14 days prior to travel must wear a face mask and limit their movement when outside a workplace.


Please contact the VTA on 03 9646 8590  if you require further information.