Australia Day – 26 January 2019

Dorothea Mackellar fourth verse of the original “Core of My Heart” otherwise known as “My Country” may have written;

          I love a sunburnt country,
          A land of sweeping plains,
          Of ragged mountain ranges,
          Of droughts and flooding rains.

However, this Australia Day means different things to many people but above all it is how we honour the day and what it means to us to be lucky enough to live in this great country.  How will you celebrate the day that fundamentally encompasses our people, our history, our diversity and our individual beliefs on what it means to be Australian?

Whatever the division over the date that Australia Day is held it is important whether it be for recent arrivals or for people who have been here for thousands of years to come together and celebrate the achievements of the people and its country.

The past travesties of history cannot disappear nor the debate and criticism over the past but it is a result of a great democratic society and all Australians should come together as one to not only recognise this history but celebrate the progress that has been made.  The rich diverse cultural divides can be brought closer together and there will be more opportunity for our children and our children’s children to make progress and change in the future.

Australia Day is for all Australian’s no matter where our personal stories began and it is important to reflect, recognise and celebrate contemporary Australia.  We celebrate all the things we love about Australia, our lands, a sense of a fair go, our lifestyle, democracy and our freedoms.  It is important to recognise our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and those who come from all corners of the globe to call Australia home and continue to build it into the great nation it has become.

There are events held all across Australia organised by State Governments, local councils, community groups and celebrations around the country with family and friends getting together to share the day.  Over sixteen thousand people will become naturalised Australians on Australia Day and we welcome them to our country.  There will also be countless others immigrating over the coming years who will make this their home and contribute greatly to our society.

This is the lucky country and due to our rich cultural diversity and opportunity we have it is important to celebrate all things that make our country great.  Whatever you do or however you decide to celebrate Australia Day we all have a very bright future to look forward to as long as we continue to make important contributions no matter how small or large in working to build the fabric of Australian Society.

On a personal note, stay safe on Australia Day, continue to achieve your dreams and strive for a better future for all Australians.

Happy Australia Day from everyone at the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia.

Amanda O’Brien
SCLAA Chairman