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A career in Supply Chain and Logistics in Australia, now more than ever, knows no limits. With the right knowledge, attitude and skills, Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners have no career ceiling. However, it is competitive out there. More and more employers rightly expect professionalism. Professions have a number of common attributes. These include a commitment to ongoing education, compliance with a code of conduct, performance consistent with a generally agreed body of knowledge or set of rules and Membership of a professional body.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) is Australia’s largest association for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners. We have over 3,300  members and industry contacts.  The SCLAA has the proven history, governance framework, established representation, value for money and strategic reach to make it the right choice for you. We have hard working Committees in ACT / Southern NSW, New South Wales, Victoria/ Tasmania, South Australia / NT, Queensland and Western Australia each led by Division (State) President. We aim to hold events monthly in each Division/State/Territory. Each division elects a committee member to form a National Board and the National Board then elects a Chairman. No other Supply Chain and Logistics Industry Association in Australia has the depth and coverage of the SCLAA.  If you have any event ideas or suggestions, please contact us.


[column width=”1/3″ place=”first” ] [feature color=”blue” title=”Our Vision”]SCLAA delivers value to Member Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) professionals and practitioners, and prosperity and competitive advantage to Australia through development of the profession and practice of SCL, collaboration with industry stakeholders and promotion and recognition of world’s best practice.[/feature] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ place=”none” ] [feature color=”gray” title=”Our Mission”]To serve and advance the interests of Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners in Australia.[/feature] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ place=”last” ] [feature color=”gray” title=”History”]Having served the profession for over five decades in various forms, most recently as the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA), the SCLAA embraces its proud history and benefits from its experience and established relationships. However, now is the time to look forward with fresh vision.[/feature] [/column]


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The SCLAA is the truly independent Australian Supply Chain and Logistics association run by Members, for Members. The SCLAA is a registered company, limited by guarantee with an experienced Board of Directors and is proud that its activities are conducted Nationally and via State divisions, in accordance with the wishes of its Members.

The SCLAA constitution enshrines:

  • The service of Members as its raison d’etre,
  • The democratic vote of Members as the ultimate authority, and
  • The opportunity for practical and determinative Member participation in Association affairs.

It is a true Member based, not-for-profit association whose proceeds are channelled into Member benefits. Given this, the SCLAA:

  • Offers a strong advocacy of the highest standards to develop the profession;
  • Contributes to Australia’s excellence in Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics;
  • Contributes to the development of the capital, human and intellectual infrastructure necessary to ensure that Australia is internationally competitive in all aspects of Supply Chain and Logistics.
  • Enhances the opportunity to achieve career advancement and enhanced credibility through access to the latest information and networking with fellow professionals and practitioners.

To view a copy of the SCLAA Constitution, please CLICK HERE.

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The SCLAA has established divisions in all states providing an active networking and educational events program to meet the needs of its Members. At the National level, the SCLAA conducts annual Supply Chain and Logistics Conference and a National Awards ceremony. At the State level, the local content and flavour of events is the strength of the SCLAA. The structure and local representation of the SCLAA at the State level maximises the relevance of activities to its Members.

With over 100 diverse activities each year, including Breakfast Briefings, Site Visits, Logistics Lounges, Sundowners and Golf Days all Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners will find their particular needs catered for. Events may vary State to State.

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