The SCLAA is pleased to celebrate International Women’s Day today, 8th March, the official date on which the importance of the achievements and continued challenge of working for gender parity is highlighted globally.

This global celebration identifies the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and was first observed as “National Women’s Day” in 1909 in New York.  This was a time of turbulence and great expansion in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies.  Today, International Women’s Day is a collective day of all the history and future landscape of women’s experience and it is on this day that we remember and recognize this.  Whatever industry or field or stage of life women are at their contribution is immeasurable.  Women’s contribution adds not only financial benefits to all economies but also an unyielding strength to the fabric of all civilisations and society.

I will reiterate what I always say whenever I can that taking gender out of our conversation is one of the keys to overcoming adversity and encouraging change.  We are competent and purposeful individuals who strive to work to be heard in an unyielding industry.  It is not only about being invited to the table it is about being asked to make a contribution at that table that counts.   It is only through continual collaboration with industry that our voices will be heard.   The gender debate is not a women’s issue it is a business issue and should be front and centre of all companies and business’ in Australia today and until ALL women:

  • have wage parity;
  • are asked to contribute in the highest policy circles;
  • have superannuation payments maintained at work and during leaves of absence;
  • have the same opportunities as men in ANY field;
  • globally are not suffering from FGM which violates a girl’s rites and promotes inequality;
  • have the same educational and employment opportunities;
  • have the opportunity raise a family and not be faced with poverty and financial hardship;
  • are free from domestic violence and sexual violence;
  • are safe from being made to be child brides and being denied access to education which results in a life of misery – something which 140 million females globally are subjected to;
  • included in policy circles in ALL industries;
  • are able to choose to play ANY sport on any day;
  • do not have their careers diminished by choosing to have a family;
  • are presented equally in every rank in every company globally;
  • have equal representation on ASX Boards and can make up more than the current 20% of ASX Boards;
  • in Australia have gender parity and are not more than 60 years behind their male counterparts
  • in Australia receive equal pay in for equal skills, as is the case in Iceland, and no longer remain behind the rest of the world
  • are able to be promoted in ANY field on equal education and equal capability
  • are safe from preventable pregnancy complications which globally take 800 women’s lives annually
  • are free from slave labour which currently affects 70% of the world’s population
  • live in a world where 95% of countries are not only led by a male head of state
  • can call themselves a ‘woman’, ‘female’, ‘LGBTIQ’, ‘she’, ‘Chairman’ (as I choose to exercise my democratic right) without being questioned
  • can speak their minds without the fear of being politically incorrect
  • can pick up any newspaper or magazine and see women equally represented in ANY Government circle

ONLY THEN, will International Women’s Day no longer be a necessity.

It is clear that we as a global community have a very long way to go before women are given a fair go

So, until then, whatever you do on this International Women’s Day, don’t forget to acknowledge those women in your life who continue to support, inspire, challenge and drive themselves to make it a better world for all of us.

Happy International Women’s Day from all of our incredible teams and supporters at the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia.

In the words of the suffragettes:

”Deeds not Words”

Courage is a Muscle and Men of Quality do not Fear Equality”