2017 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Award Winners Announced

2017 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics
Award Winners Announced


On Friday 17th November, the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia, in conjunction with Dematic, LMA, Xtreme Freight and Australian Border Force Programme announced the winners of the 2017 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards at the iconic Luna Park, Sydney.

These prestigious awards have been held annually for the last 57 years by the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA).  The awards provide a fantastic opportunity for people and companies that are involved in the supply chain industry to celebrate and be recognised for their particular contribution, success and hard work.

A record number of entries were received this year and were of an exceptionally high calibre. Those who attended the ASCL Awards Gala Dinner were from across the Asia Pacific, including New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam.

A full set of photographs from the Awards Dinner is available
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The 2017 ASCL Award Winners and
High Commendation Recipients are:

2017 Environmental Excellence Award

The Environmental Excellence Award recognises corporate leadership contributing to the solution of environmental sustainability within our industry through performance and action. The trophy was first awarded in 1966 and is dedicated to Mr Ken Pike.

The winner of the 2017 Environmental Excellence award is Kathmandu.
Kathmandu receiving their Award from SCLAA Vice President, Joshua Holmes (right)

A High Commendation was awarded to Simon van Leuven, Vanden Recycling.Simon Van Leuven

Finalists were: Kathmandu and Simon van Leuven, Vanden Recycling.


2017 Training, Education & Development Award

Training, education and development remains a vital part of allowing knowledge to be utilised for new ideas and supply chain improvements to be discovered and then implemented. This award is presented to a company that can best demonstrate their commitment/ application and results of providing training, education and development of their people. The trophy was first awarded in 2002 and is dedicated to the late Professor Peter Gilmour.

The winner of the 2017 Training, Education and Development Award is eStore Logistics.eStore Logistics

A High Commendation was awarded to Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator (HVCCC)Hunter Valley Coal Chain
Coordinator (HVCCC)

Finalists were: eStore Logistics, Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator (HVCCC), Learning Sphere Training Solutions and Polar Fresh Cold Chain Services.


2017 Information Technology and Management Award

Information remains the most important requirement of any supply chain. Information technology is where the majority of supply chain improvements have been made. Nominees for this award demonstrate where their use of existing or new technology has provided significant improvements to their management of information and/or their supply chain processes. The trophy was first awarded in 1994 and is dedicated to the late Len Smith FAIMM.

The joint winners of the 2017 Information Technology and Management Award are  IFC Global Logistics Pty Ltd
and  Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd.
(IFC Global were unfortunately not present to receive their trophy.)Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd

A High Commendation was awarded to Datapel Systems Pty Ltd.Datapel Systems Pty Ltd receiving their
High Commendation from SCLAA Director
Matt Madsen

Finalists were:   Datapel Systems Pty Ltd, Go People, iCOS Live Australian Pty, IFC Global Logistics Pty Ltd, Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd,  Sebastian Keith Chua, Health Promotion Board, SmartTrans and Vaibhav Dabhade, Anchanto Pte Ltd.


2017 Industry Excellence Award

Recognises and acknowledges outstanding achievements and contribution by an individual currently engaged across the supply chain industry. Persons nominated for this most prestigious award will be leaders and will have made significant change to the way a supply chain is managed and improved either academically, physically or technologically.

Originally awarded in 1987 and dedicated to Mike Munns, FAIMM, this award remains a cornerstone of SCLAA’s commitment to recognising and promoting the importance of the supply chain industry and its people to continuously improving organisational strength and growth.

The winner of the 2017 Industry Excellence Award is Mark Srzypiec, Miele ANZMark Srzypiec, Miele ANZ

A High Commendation was awarded to Pooja Bhatt, Pitney Bowes.Pooja Bhatt,
Pitney Bowes

Finalists were: Mark Skrzypiec, Miele ANZ, Pooja Bhatt, Pitney Bowes and Sharon Rudd, TNT.


 2017 International Supply Chain Award

This is a new Award and one that recognises Supply Chains know no boundaries. The ASCL International Supply Chain Award is given to a Company, Association or an Individual that may operate internationally and are able demonstrate their capability, commitment and achievements across any spectrum of the sciences, practices, disciplines or efforts to promote and improve the knowledge and acceptance of the importance of the supply chain.

The winner of the 2017 International Supply Chain Award is
Saigon Coop and XAct SolutionsThe Saigon Coop and XAct Solutions team receiving their
Winners trophy from SCLAA Director, David Rogers

A High Commendation was awarded to Ian & Yung Burden, PGT-Reclaimed (International)Ian & Yung Burden
PGT-Reclaimed (International)

Finalists were: Ashley Allchurch – Health and HIV Service Provider PNG, FarEye, Ian & Yung Burden – PGT-Reclaimed (International), Localz, Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd, Saigon Coop and XAct Solutions, Sebastian Keith Chua – Health Promotion Board and William Beaumont Weatherald – MRX Technologies


2017 Supply Chain Management Award

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the overview of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. This award recognises an organisation that can demonstrate significant achievement within a section or across their entire supply chain. Nominees should be able to clearly state the design and achieved results of the project or process that was envisaged and then implemented.

The trophy was first awarded in 1984 and is dedicated to Doug Beattie.

The Winner of the 2017 Supply Chain Management Award is
National Mailing & Marketing.
National Mailing & Marketing Pty Limited receiving their Winner’s Trophy
from Glen Borg, Dematic (ASCL Awards Gold Sponsor)

 A High Commendation was awarded to Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
and  Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd.Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd

Finalists were: Getinge Australia, National Mailing & Marketing Pty Limited, Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd, Orora Limited, Quintiq & Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd, SmartTrans, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

2017 Logistics Management Award

This is a new award and is awarded for one of the oldest disciplines of any supply chain and replaces the Storage and Materials Handling award. Recipients may stem from nominees for any of the other SCLAA awards at the judges’ discretion, or from a direct application, where the demonstrated achievement, improvement or results have required a logistical approach to improvement or major change to their logistics management.

The winner of the 2017 Logistics Management Award is Dematic.Glen Borg receiving the Logistics Management Award on behalf of Dematic
from SCLAA Director Gary Pearce

2017 Future Leaders Award

The purpose of this award is to provide incentive and recognition to young supply chain professionals who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path. Nominees for this award should be able to demonstrate their passion and commitment to taking the supply chain toward tomorrow. The SCLAA wishes to showcase finalists and provide impetus to continue to attract the brightest to the industry.

First awarded in 2009 and dedicated to Vince Aisthorpe.

The winner of the 2016 Future Leaders Award is Primo Danieletto.Future Leaders Award Winner, Primo Danieletto 

A High Commendation was awarded to Corey Carl and Kate Fawcett.

High Commendation Recipient, Corey Carl with Scott Young
and Luke Gowty, Young Guns Container Crew

Future Leader High Commendation
Recipient, Kate Fawcett

Finalists were: Corey Carl, James Murrey, Kate Fawcett, Levi Del Fierro, Nathan Tanner, Patrick Jordan and Primo Danieletto.

Future Leader Award Finalists, High Commendation Recipients and Winner, with
Lydia Kendray (left)
and Leonie Buckridge (right), LMA (Prize Sponsors)

The evening at iconic Luna Park offered guests great entertainment by renowned Jazz Band the Enormous Horns, memorable speeches and address by Dr John Gattorna world renowned supply chain expert, exceptional networking opportunities with local and international guests and exposure to the prestigious history of awards bestowed upon individuals and companies awarded for their excellence in the Supply Chain.

Don’t miss your opportunity in 2018 to nominate an individual or company for these industry wide recognised awards.

To join this exciting National Association please contact our National Secretariat on 1300 364 160 or email secretary@sclaa.com.au.

Come and be part of a dynamic association to get the recognition you deserve in the ever changing world of the supply chain in 2018.


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