2016 ASCL Awards & SCLAA AGM – National Chairman’s Address

2016  ASCL Awards & SCLAA AGM – National Chairman’s Address

Welcome to the 56th Annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards, congratulations to all Award nominees.

The SCLAA has completed another successful financial year and indeed calendar year, with hard working Divisions in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT / Southern NSW, Victoria / Tasmania, South Australia / Northern Territory and Western Australia, comprising of their Committees and Presidents.

Our revenue for the financial year was $329,077 and expenses $343,041 resulting in a small deficit of $13,954, following the prior year surplus of $59,936.    The main reason for the small deficit was the cost of moving the 2015 ASCL Awards from Perth to Sydney a few months before the Awards last year. Membership income was up $34,585, with new Individual, National Partner, Corporate, Regional, Future Leaders, Students and Overseas Membership all ahead of budget. Last Financial Year we had the end of the successful $800,000 Federal Government Energy Efficiency Grant project which we completed on time and under budget and saw us refunding unspent funds to the Federal Government. Retained earnings / Total Equity are a healthy $309,467.

I would like to especially thank our Treasurer Peter Hollins and Vicki De Thomasis and the Office Logistics team.

This year as part of our growth strategy, we engaged Anthony Trainer as Executive Officer.  Anthony’s role is to increase quality SCLAA events across Australia, Membership and Corporate and National Partners while increasing the SCLAA’s profile across Australia.

I would like to thank our State or Divisional Presidents and their Committees for all their hard work in the last year, as well as our Future Leaders Group.

I would also like to welcome the 11 new National Partners JDA Software, Wavelink, Wise Tech Global, Infosys Portland, World First, Inside Retail /  FMCG (Intermedia Group), Industrial Clearance, Curtin University, Logistics Bureau, Toll Group and Secure Communications Advisors Australia to add to the existing National Partners 2K Container Services, Bayside Group, Dematic, Institute for Supply Chain & Logistics (Victoria University), Iptor Supply Chain Systems, LSC Solutions, MHD Supply Chain Magazine, Quintiq, RMIT University School of Logistics and IT*, STEP Supply Chain, Strategix Training Group*, Symmetry Human Resources, SYSPRO, Toyota Materials Handling, Transport and Logistics News and  Trojan Recruitment Group*.  (*6 plus years National Partners)

We have 26 National Partners, the highest level we have ever attained and we thank them for their support during the year.

Last year we released our new website, which is easier to manage and add content.   Our Google Page rank has increased significantly and we are now at the top of page 1 for the keywords we want and our website visits were up 11.8% year on year. Just passed 7,000 LinkedIn Contacts.

The SCLAA is actively looking at ways to increase events, membership, and revenue and reduce expenses all commensurate with improving member value.

There have been a some quality and informative events during the year, in April we had the Women In Logistics event at the MCG, where we had some high calibre speakers and just last week, I attended a NSW event on Workplace Rehabilitation and Prevention of injuries, that AXIS Rehabilitation put on with the SCLAA.  At that event, there was an inspiring presentation from Virgin Airlines Australia, where their 2012 proactive introduction of onsite physiotherapy services at their airports for all staff had reduced their workplace injuries and their Workers Compensation premiums by 45% in NSW, 69% in Queensland and 50% in Victoria alone, saving them $600,000 for Sydney based domestic cabin crew and millions nationally.    The biggest savings were in baggage handling as you would expect.

The year we have worked with World First to offer Members foreign exchange conversion rates close to the spot rate, saving Members over 3% on the Bank rate.  We have seen a growing uptake on our Caltex program that saves Members up to 5 cents a litre at over 2000 Caltex and Caltex Woolworths outlets across Australia.

ms-and-aob-croppedWe want to thank you for your support, feedback and suggestions with all our events during the year.

As per our Constitution, this is my last duty as Chairman of the SCLAA and I am pleased to announce that Amanda O’Brien was elected Chairwoman of the SCLAA following the AGM a few hours ago.    Amanda is well connected in the industry and is founder and CEO of Xtreme Freight, a 3PL warehousing and transport business head quartered in Melbourne.  I wish Amanda and the Board well in their future growth.

I would like to thank all Members, National and Corporate Partners, the Board, Division Presidents and Committees, Office Logistics and special Committees like the Awards and Future Leaders Group for their support and dedication during the year

On behalf of the SCLAA National Board, Division Committees and all the volunteers at the SCLAA, we would like to wish members a safe and Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year and continued success in 2017.