SCLAA Procedures

Appendices for the SCLAA Procedures Document

Appendix 1:       SCLAA Service Agreement 2016-2017

Appendix 2:       Expense Claim Form – Writable

Appendix 3:       2017 State Event Plan – Writable

Appendix 4:       News Page – Template

Appendix 5:       Social Media – Template

Appendix 6:       SCLAA Member Code of Conduct

Appendix 7:       SCLAA Electronic Letterhead

Appendix 8:       Official SCLAA Email Footer Example

Appendix 9:       SCLAA Business Card Example

Appendix 10:     SCLAA PowerPoint Slide Presentation Example

Appendix 11:     SCLAA Pull Up Banners

Appendix 12:     SCLAA Logo Style Sheet

Appendix 13:     SCLAA Newsletter Content Brief

Appendix 14:     SCLAA Newsletter Pro-forma Template

Appendix 15:     SCLAA Newsletter Advertising Information

Appendix 16:     State Committee Contact List Example

Appendix 17:     Redback Conferencing -Teleconference codes

Appendix 18:     Teleconferencing Moderator Dial Out

Appendix 19:     Teleconferencing – Local, National, International DI


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